1. MarcusJavuc New Member

    Hi !

    I need some latin specialist to confirm a translation of a word. There is no special context or anything.

    So the word is "Inficimur"

    First plural person of the present of the verb "Inficere" at the passive form (= To infect/to taint)

    The translation is indeed "We are Infected/We are tainted", or am I wrong ?

    Thanks !
  2. Subcontrary New Member

    I'm no specialist, but it can also mean "dye," or "stain," as well as "steep" or "imbue." The first two (we are stained?)I would guess are less likely in this case than the last two (we are imbued), though it could certainly be "infect" or "taint" as you suppose. Who knows how much this is!
  3. Pacifica grammaticissima

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    It can mean "we are being infected/tainted" or "we are (regularly) infected/tainted".

    "We are infected/tainted" denoting a current state resulting from a past action as in "someone or something has infected/tainted us so that we are now infected/tainted" would translate differently.

    Of course, there could be other translations depending on context. You say there is no context but it's weird to just want this translated without any context in mind. Why do you need it? Is it just a stand-alone practice sentence in a textbook or so? Or are you actually trying to translate an English phrase into Latin? (If yes, we definitely need context.)
  4. MarcusJavuc New Member


    The word is a part from a Latin chant from the game "Bloodborne". It's not part of a sentence but repeated from time to time in the song ( )

    If you want more details, here is my transcription of the lyrics (and a translation, if you can verify it, that would be extremely nice) :

    Maledictos (= Cursed)
    Donum libas (= You barely touch the gift)
    Inficimur (= We are (?) infected)
    Maledictos Bestia (= Cursed by the beast)
    Maledictos (= Cursed)
    Mater do si donas (= Ô Mother I give if you give) (I've seen some people translate it into "I surrender if you give", is that right ?)
    Inficimur (= We are (?) infected)
    Argentum aquai in tenebris (= The Silver in the Darkness of the Water)
    Mater Sanguine Redemptionis Nostrae Exi et excie fleatur (ah) salus (vito) (= Ô Mother, by the Blood of our Redemption, call and avoid that the sea sheds tears) (I avoid)
    Vale Vale (= Farewell, farewell)
    Inficimur (= We are (?) infected)
    In tenebris aqua (= In the Darkness by the water)
    Maledictos (= Cursed)
    E argentum aqua (= Due to the water, the silver)
    Inficimur (= We are (?) infected)
    Et argentum aqua (= And by the water, the silver)
    Sanguine (= By the blood) Sanguine (= By the blood)

    You're right I should have given all these data since the begining.
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  5. Pacifica grammaticissima

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    Those lyrics don't seem to make a lot of sense.
  6. MarcusJavuc New Member

    Oh, actually they do in the context of the game, of the area where the song is played.

    But as you can see it's hard to give that context here. Many of the great axes of the lore are evocated here.

    That's why I said that the context has not much to add.
  7. Etaoin Shrdlu Civis Illustris

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    I'm almost afraid to ask whether this means axes as in X and Y or the instruments of decapitation.

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