1. Johnny B New Member

    Hey I would appreciate your help for a story I am writing. this would be a motto for a revolutionary character.

    So The phrase to translate would be

    Kill the Kings


    I kill Kings

    This is a first time post but I have been lurking on here for a few months and apppretiate what you guys do.
    Thanks in advance
  2. R. Seltza Active Member

    Terra Solis Lapsi
    “Kill The Kings” (as an imperative command) = neca reges
    “I Kill Kings” = neco reges

    Bear in mind that the word neco can work here, as it means “kill/murder”, but it also has a connotation with killing without physically wounding the victim (ex: poisoning, starving, etc.). If you want something more in accordance with physically killing, then we’ll need another word.
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  3. Johnny B New Member

    Hey R. Seltza, thank you for the reply and the translation.

    how would "Occidi" or "Occidere" work instead of "neco/neca"
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  5. Johnny B New Member

    Thanks Issacus Divus
    That is quite a list.
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  6. Indeed!
  7. Johnny B New Member

    I am not sure if this is appropriate etiquette to add to this thread or if I should start another so I apologize if this is inappropriate.

    This is a small list of phrases that I might want in my work that I have not seen translated before. followed by my attempt at translation. I do know that is not appropriate but I hope you will forgive me as I am trying to learn as I go. They might be repetitive but I am not sure which versions would sound or work the best. Anyway thank you for your efforts and patience.

    1. "Kill the Kings" As revolutionary Motto or Mantra

    Occidite Reges"

    2. "Madness lies within" Inscribed on containers and Branded on the Criminally insane

    "Furor insidiator intro"

    3. "Madness incarnate" Branded on the insane

    " Furor incarnatus"

    4. "liberty incarnate" common Revolutionary tattoo

    "Libertas incarnatus"

    5. "Chaos incarnate" Darker splinter group of Revolutionarie's tattoo

    "Chaos incarnatus"

    6. "Never Submit" a common declaration used buy any to signify defiance

    "Nunquam Cedere"
  8. I'll try my best to get help for you.
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  9. Johnny B New Member

    Thank you again Issacus Divus.

    You have been most gracious.
  10. Alright, I'm back.
    Let's see what we've got...
    after some research, 4, 5, and 6 seem to be good.

    For 2, i'm thinking instead perhaps one could say "Furor interius".

    Checking the first and 6 right now.
    Thanks for your patience waiting on me.

    Also, you could just go with the "rēgibus exāctīs"
    Which is like, "when the kings had been driven out (of here)"
  11. Johnny B New Member

    "Furor interius" seems like it would fit very well

    "Rēgibus exāctīs" seems like a useful phrase, but the revolutionary crowd is going to be a particularly rough crowd. I was looking for something more visceral and direct for there slogan/motto.

    There is no need to thank me for my patience. Especially when you and the others on here are helping the less knowledgeable out of sheer good will. So thank you for whatever help you can give. I really do appreciate it and it has already been incredibly helpful.
  12. Don't make me blush.
    Alright, I'll find your motto.

    Regnat populus
    Sic semper tyrannis
    Ego sum rex

    These are cool ones.
    The people rule
    Thus always to tyrants
    I am King

    mea vivo lege

    I live by my law.
  13. Dantius Homo Sapiens

    • Civis Illustris
    in orbe lacteo
    I'd use the adverb intus, it seems better
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  14. Intus does seem better. But he was looking for something cooler looking. Accuracy is the coolest, though.
  15. Johnny B New Member

    Hey Intus, thank you for the advice and I do intend to use that phrase.

    Issacus, those phrases are great especially;

    "Regnat Populus"


    "mea vivo lege"

    I really do appreciate the time you have spent on this.
  16. Iohannes, I'm more than happy to spend time helping you.
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  17. By the way, I agree. occidite reges.
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  18. Johnny B New Member

    Good man, Regnat Populus
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