By J.M, in 'English to Latin Translation', Jul 6, 2019.

  1. J.M Active Member

    Greetings to all Latin D members,

    Today I would like the phrase "HONOURABLE LATIN DISCVSSION" to be translated into Classical Latin if possible. Would this be grammatically correct or is there any word that could be more favourable to express greatness and uniqueness of this highly respected community,

    Thank you for your interest and time submitted in this matter,
  2. Bitmap Civis Illustris

    • Civis Illustris
    Cygnea, Gena
    I think the spelling would be "HONOVRABLE" in classical English.

    Not sure what you need that for ...
    colloquium Latinum honestissimum (or honestum, but the superlative would seem kinda likely here).
    instead of honest(issim)um, you could also go honore ac dignitate plenum/insigne
    ... as I said, it depends on what you need it for.
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  3. Dantius Homo Sapiens

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    in orbe lacteo
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  4. J.M Active Member

    Greetings Bitmap,
    In the upcoming future, in case I will be asked, I want to use the phrase to express that I am a proud member of this "Honourable Latin discussion (Latin D)"

    Thank you,
  5. Bitmap Civis Illustris

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    Cygnea, Gena
    I kind of like what Dantius threw in ... how about
    sodalis esse glorior huius augustissimi colloquii Latini
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  6. Pacifica grammaticissima

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    Does "Latin discussion" here mean discussion in Latin or discussion about Latin? In the context of the name of this site I've always taken it as the latter. Colloquium Latinum would be more like the former, usually.
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  7. J.M Active Member

    Thank you all for your time and interest on this topic, as well explained as it always is,

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