Latin of the Crusades

By Issacus Divus, in 'Reading Latin', Apr 14, 2019.

  1. I'm gathering on the Latin in the Crusader's time.
    Just looking for more information on it as a whole; the writing style, the vocabulary, and its roots.

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    People didn't speak Latin at that time. The accounts are written in Latin. Try the Gesta Francorum, which will give you an idea of the level of knowledge of one of the writers.
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  3. Thanks.
  4. It was written in the 12 century, and details the First Crusade.

    I found another 11th century writer, Marianus Scotus:

    Screenshot (47).png
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    There are four accounts of the first crusade if I remember correctly.
  6. Do you recall the names?
  7. Pacifica, may you move this thread to "Reading Latin" or a more appropriate thread?
    As Cinefactus said, Latin wasn't really spoken during these times, and was definitely not in the same usage as other time periods.
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    William of Tyre was a historian of the Crusades. His work can be read here:

    According to Wikipedia, his Latin is reputed to be particularly good (i.e. particularly close to classical Latin) compared to the standards of his time, and, having read him, I think it's probably true. Now, he does use some medieval Latin constructions and vocabulary. I found one or two downright monstrosities in his work, but overall, his Latin is good.

    As for Latin being spoken in those times or not, I think it must have been spoken as a lingua franca among the clergy and educated people (who often were clergy...) but it wasn't spoken as a native language.

    I'll move the thread as requested.
  9. Yes, I wagered that too. It would still be used with liturgical and ecclesiastical matters; thus you can see My reasoning in putting it in speaking Latin. Although the Latin used at this time shouldn't be classified as "Crusader".

    Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 9.16.15 AM.png
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    It has been a long time since I looked into it, but I think also Fulcher of Châtres, Robertus Monachus, Baldricus Dolensis and Albert of Aix.

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