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By metrodorus, in 'Latin Language Resources', Jan 23, 2012.

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    As you may all know, Latinum's podcast has disappeared into the aether, as mypodcast ran into financial trouble and shut the entire service down without much advance notice.

    Those who followed the podcast over the years since 2007, until January 2012, thanks for listening. I had over 8 million file downloads over that time, from people all over the globe.

    Latinum's free YouTube channel remains online, and is popular.

    I now have a new site for my Latin audio - only complete works are available, all are available as downloads, and a large number are also available on DVD. They are no longer free. Each extended listening audiobook (some are are over 24 hours long, most are around 4 hours) have a small download charge.

    I am continuing to produce Latin language audio books, for extended listening, in restored classical pronunciation.

    The new site is here:

    The entire Adler audio course is now available once again, in ten downloadable sections, of between 14 and 26 hours of audio per unit, as is the audio for D'Ooge, Underwood, and many others.

    I have also been working on the Comenius project, and more audiobooks are available in this series.
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    Latinum has recently released the following new items as audio resources:
    More information about these at

    W. Fenton's "A Child's First Latin Book" is one of the most suitable Latin readers from the 19th century for very young children. The first half of the book deals with sacred texts - these are not to everyone's taste, so I have split the book into two, with this edition only containing the sacred and religious texts. The reading is Latin-English-Latin, and repeated again in Latin only.

    Sanford and Scott's Junior Latin reader - a wonderful collection of stories that qualify as 'comprehensible input' for accelerated language learning.

    Reynold's Nature study reader and Novella is a wonderful source of comprehensible input for the aspiring Latinist.

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