Letter "h" in Ecclesiastical Latin

By Consilius, in 'Pronunciation, Spelling and Listen to Latin', Apr 1, 2019.

  1. And the plot thickens.

    Anyways, I really want to see want Iáson means.
  2. Iáson Cívis Illústris

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    Well, not according to his Wikipedia page (!). He was born in Illyria and apparently mentions speaking Illyrian somewhere, although to be fair I can't find the reference in the passage alluded to by Wikipedia and elsewhere on the internet (Commentary on Isaiah 7.19). Sadly PHI doesn't go that far.
  3. Wikipedia actually is trustworthy in My sight. Sometimes.
    But if we can't find his attested Illyrianess, what then?
  4. Terry S. flamen

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    This might be of some use to the discussion.

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  5. Pacifica grammaticissima

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    Not if you don't include whatever link you meant to include.
  6. Terry S. flamen

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    I had to delete it; it was the wrong file I uploaded.
  7. I think what Terry gave us is great information on pronounciation. Also just noticed that capitalized "My".

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