Lingua latina per se illustrata - answers?

By efilzeo, in 'General Latin Chat (English)', Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Quasus Civis Illustris

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  2. Vasquinho New Member

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. In what way did you find them arrogant the teachers from SLU?
  3. Quasus Civis Illustris

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    Uhm... In the way they treated me arroganly... :D You know, I was kind of a very enthousiastic and demanding student. `You assert that you teach classical pronunciation, but how is that possible given that you don't provide texts with macrons? Let me post such texts in our private forum to be used by my fellow-students!' `No, you infringe copyright in this way, and what's more, macrons are too difficult a task for you newbie, so your fellow-students would learn something wrong'. And so on and so forth. what in the world. Here is the translation of what I wrote on another forum when I left SLU four years ago.

    `Now my SLU epic is over! I escaped at my own will. :D

    SLU adopts rather peculiar rules and ethics.

    The Instructors are infallible stars spending their time on small-minded students. The Director Avitus is the Great Guru. Students are nothing. A student is happy when listening to the Great Guru.

    Any activity is condemned unless it amounts to questions concerning the course or praising the School and personally Instructors. It is forbidden to communicate with each other.

    ‘Improper’ and too persistent questions are not welcome. The best student is the one who asks no questions and quickly does his homework.

    The Instructors have the right to any administrative measures up to expulsion and they don't mind recurring to them.

    A part of the rules is explicitly stated, the rest soon become clear during the communication. Finally my instructor stated in an unambiguous and insulting manner that she wouldn't answer to the questions she disliked, so I ceased to understand why I still tolerated that institution.'
  4. Quasus Civis Illustris

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    Oh, the forum engine is smart enough to substitute `what in the world' for WT​F.
  5. Vasquinho New Member

    That doesn´t sound very positive, especially if they really want to pass on latin to the next generation. Two more questions, do you have an english translation of the assimil and any tips on how to go about using this course?

    Gratias tibi ago
  6. Quasus Civis Illustris

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    Well, that's just my humble opinion.

    Unfortunately, I don't have an English translation. Assimil didn't translate the course into English. SLU provides translations, but as Avitus is very much concerned with copyright, he insists that they should not be published, so I doubt if they can be found online. However, a rudimentary French should suffice provided that you translate texts directly from Latin.

    As for tips... Assimil's `second wave' is a good idea. That is after you complete half of the course, you start revision and simultaneously do lessons 49 + n and n, where n = 1, ..., 49. Thus you don't have to work out every minor detail during the first pass. For example, in the course of the first lessons you come across deponent verbs and subjunctive, but you don't need to understand these concepts: just observe them.

    When attacking a lesson, I used to translate the text it in Russian (rather literally), mark long vowels and clarify the things I didn't understand; I used to read the text over and over again paying attention to new words, grammar constructions and turns of speech and finally memorize it. I used to do revisions very often. Repetitio est mater studiorum. :)

    The audio should by no means be neglected. There's much to be desired about pronunciation, but it helps you to painlessly memorize the vocabulary and to automatize grammar skills. The more you listen, the better.
  7. Penelope Kappa New Member

    I was thinking of using Lingua Latina per se illustrata, but after reading all this I am thinking assimil might (?) be a better start. But I can't get over the strong french accent. I really don't like it. How would you suggest dealing with that?
  8. Quasus Civis Illustris

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    Make your own records. :)
  9. Vasquinho New Member

    Salve Penelope,
    I am currently using both to keep my motivation up by switching between them if I get bored of one. I think both are very good but the most important thing is that you find what suites your learning style. If you decide to use assimil then get the audio from the italian version which is more "energetic". Otherwise Quasus suggestions is good too except that in my opinion you have to find a source (any source will do) to compare your recordings to make sure your pronunciation is good.

  10. Penelope Kappa New Member

    Thank you both for your ideas :)
  11. Ealdboc Aethelheall Civis Illustris

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    I use LLPSI along with a few grammars. I have gained a lot from working in this manner - while I have taken several courses in Latin, they usually started from abstract grammar rather than from the actual language that it describes. The LLPSI CD ROM has audio for the first 31 chapters of book 1; there is also an audio CD available which covers the first 10 chapters, and a CD ROM which has ecclesiastical Latin rather than the reconstructed classical pronunciation.

    EDIT -

    A few links:

    Audio recordings
    Interactive CD Roms

    And a link to the original CD, covering the first 10 chapters only:
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  12. Penelope Kappa New Member

    Thank you!
  13. Ealdboc Aethelheall Civis Illustris

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    You're welcome! The interactive CD-ROMs can also check your answers to the pensa for you (the CD-ROM for Book 1 does it, in any case); very useful. :)

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