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Inspirational Live another day, learn another day

By Anonymous, in 'English to Latin Translation', May 22, 2006.

  1. Anonymous Guest

    Hey everyone,
    My name is ckhay and I am trying hard to learn a little Latin, but it's very hard with no teacher. I am trying to learn so I can have a present for my mothers birthday made with her two favorite quotes on it, done in Latin. The quotes are "Live another day, learn another way" and "An unxamined life is not worth living". Any help would be great. I will try to get arounf to posting them in the English to Latin part of the forum as well.

    I have a translation but i did it myself out of books, can someone let me know if I am right or on the right track.

    1)An unxamined life is not worth living = An incognitus vita est non dignitas victus

    2)Live another day, learn another way = Ago alius dies , perceptum alius via
  2. Akela dat affluenter

    • Princeps Senatus
    1)An unexamined life is not worth living - I'd use a freeer translation "Vita nec scrutata vita nequam est."

    2)Live another day, learn another way - alium diem vive, aliam viam disce.

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