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By Godmy, in 'Latin Language Resources', Aug 17, 2016.

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    I must confess: Six years ago, when I registered here on this forum, I did it originally for one and only purpose. I wanted to contribute to this forum so much that I wouldn't be considered later on an intruder while potentially advertising a place of my own, even though not another Latin forum(!). In 6 years I never got to that or never felt confident enough. I even think that I stopped considering this being an important thing to do after some time or forgot the goal completely as something that I don't really care so much about anymore. I even almost relinquished this forum for good many times, without having any regrets for not having done something I had once wanted to do.

    But since that I learnt at least that a chat and a forum don't compete. The live chat is so fundamentally different: the discussion is quick, but it never is comparable to a quality thread where people take time to make quality posts, make research, discuss things ad infinitum sometimes even for years. It is just too different.

    And then some people seek a live conversation, and are content with less quality but quick answers. But over the years I sent countless people this way (to LatinD) anytime they wanted to have either too sophisticated discussion that requires time or if they wanted a translation of a phrase into Latin. That's why I think this is not a harmful or inappropriate thing for me to do.

    This place was "unofficially" mentioned here several times already by various people and it never caused anything wrong, so this is the very first time that I dare to make an official post. Some forum members as Pixie already visited the place.

    A) A live/real-time chat about Latin language (predominantly in English) for Latin learners and those who want to discuss Latin in a live instant conversation. An IRC channel for Latin. (Please read more in my spoiler-tag apology why I think this shouldn't be harmful both to the forum and the forum policy; morover the place has been mentioned already on several occasions unofficially).

    How to get to us:

    1) via web (not so much recommended):

    2) via an IRC client of your own (recommended, set your own fonts, color, background):
    server address:
    channel: ##Latin

    3) via a pre-set IRC client that works on MS Windows (the second recommended choice)
    (tested for viruses: I personally vouch for this application) (download it, unzip the folder, and launch the "Run NetTalk" file)


    B) A purely Latin chat (real time), chatting in Latin, where all other languages but Latin are forbidden. But you won't be permitted to enter unless you are able to compose Latin sentences more or less correctly and wouldn't require to have every word you write corrected by somebody else + you should be willing to speak (that is, no "pure idling"). That is: enter only, if you feel confident in your working knowledge of the Latin grammar and morphology.

    How to get there is described here:

    Or here:


    We'll be waiting for you! :hat:
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    Why is the web link not recommended? Some of us turn slightly pale when the talk turns to IRC clients.
  3. Godmy A Monkey

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    Ah, well, it's simply that the web application is not so reliable and you can't customize the fonts, colors, background color (if you like e.g. black), but it's not so bad either. If you wish to use it, use it :)

    It can work well in 95% of cases!
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    The first channel has right now around 50 people. Many just idle, but many others are interested in conversation or are learners of Latin. I encourage most of them to join this forum, since I think it can benefit them greatly.
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    Those who would like to use the IRC client (program) to join the chat, let me write some that I know work well under Windows and some that I have knowledge of working well on different OS:

    Windows: mIRC, NetTalk, X-Chat, KVIrc

    Linux: Irssi

    Mac OS: Lime Chat

    Pretty much all you need to do is to launch the program, set your nickname (if it's not in the use already), sed the server address to and the channel you want to enter to ##latin

    There is surely an infinite amount of IRC clients for all the named platforms, but I don't know so much about them, so I haven't written them down.

    The advantage of an IRC client over the web application:
    1. custom fonts: both type and size
    2. custom colors: both of fonts and the background
    3. stability (the web application could disconnect of freeze)
    4. some cool functions
    5. the ability to log (to save) all the conversations that happen
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