Macrons - How to write them?

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    I'm new here adn this will be my first post but I havn't seen anyone list the mac way of typing a macron yet. If you turn on the extended English keyboard in the keyboard properties and hit Option+A than the letter you want the macron over if will produce the macron'd letter you desire, I havn't tried it in ubuntu but it is much easier than the windows way, now if only they would produce an Access program from Mac office so i could make my flash cards on my mac.
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    There is a Latin keyboard called LinguaLatina. You might have to download it separately. If you turn it on, (System Preferences, Language & Text, Input Sources) you can get macrons just using the option key.
    You can also find it them in the Character Viewer.
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    I just go google the letter i want, and save it all into a word file. and copy/paste where necessary...
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    Using Windows' I made my own table, changed into text by separating cells with tabs:
    á é í ó ú ý Á É Í Ó Ú Ý
    ā ē ī ō ū ȳ Ā Ē Ī Ō Ū Ȳ
    ă ĕ ĭ ŏ ŭ Ă Ĕ Ĭ Ŏ Ŭ
    ắ ḗ Ắ Ḗ
    æ œ Æ Œ
    À Ç È É Ê Ù
    ff fi fl ffi ffl ſt st
    α β ϐ γ δ ε ζ η θ ι κ λ μ
    ν ξ ο π ρ σ ς τ υ φ χ ψ ω
    Α Β Γ Δ Ε Ζ Η Θ Ι Κ Λ Μ
    Ν Ξ Ο Π Ρ Σ Τ Υ Φ Χ Ψ Ω
    ῥ Ῥ
    ὰ ὲ ὴ ὶ ὸ ὺ ὼ Ὰ Ὲ Ὴ Ὶ Ὸ Ὺ Ὼ
    ά έ ή ί ό ύ ώ Ά Έ Ή Ί Ό Ύ Ώ
    ᾶ ῆ ῖ ῦ ῶ Α͂ Η͂ Ι͂ Υ͂ Ω͂
    ἀ ἐ ἠ ἰ ὀ ὐ ὠ Ἀ Ἐ Ἠ Ἰ Ὀ Υ̓ Ὠ
    ἁ ἐ ἡ ἱ ὁ ὑ ὡ Ἁ Ἑ Ἡ Ἱ Ὁ Ὑ Ὡ
    ἒ ἢ ἲ ὄ ὒ ὢ Ἂ Ἓ Ἢ Ἲ Ὂ Ὢ
    ἄ ἔ ἤ ἴ ὄ ὔ ὤ Ἄ Ἕ Ἤ Ἴ Ὄ Ὤ
    ὦ Ἆ Ἧ Ἶ Ὦ
    ἃ ἒ ἣ ἳ ὃ ὓ ὢ Ἃ Ἓ Ἣ Ἵ Ὃ Ὓ Ὣ
    ἅ ἕ ἥ ἵ ὅ ὕ ὤ Ἅ Ἔ Ἥ Ἳ Ὅ Ὕ Ὥ
    ἇ ἧ ἷ ὗ ὧ Ἇ Ἦ Ἷ Ὗ Ὧ
    ᾳ ῃ ῳ ᾼ ῌ ῼ
    ᾀ ᾐ ᾠ ᾈ ᾘ ᾨ
    ᾁ ᾑ ᾡ ᾉ ᾙ ᾩ
    ᾲ ῂ ῲ
    ᾴ ῄ ῴ
    ᾷ ῇ ῷ
    ᾂ ᾒ ᾢ ᾊ ᾚ ᾪ
    ᾄ ᾔ ᾤ ᾋ ᾜ ᾬ
    ᾆ ᾖ ᾦ ᾎ ᾞ ᾮ
    ᾃ ᾓ ᾣ ᾋ ᾛ ᾫ
    ᾅ ᾕ ᾥ ᾌ ᾝ ᾭ
    ᾇ ᾗ ᾧ ᾏ ᾟ ᾯ
    Ᾱ Ῑ
    Ᾰ Ῐ
    ῒ ῢ
    ΐ ΰ
    ῗ ῧ
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    Many thanks Quasus !
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    If you have Windows, go to "Control Panel," "Clock, Language and Region," "Change keyboards or other input methods." Then add "Maori" to your repertoire.

    When using the Maori keyboard, you essentially type exactly as you do in English (since Maori uses Latin script) but you can type the tilde/ grave key + a vowel to get ā ē ī ō ū. You can't get a macron over a y though; apparently Maori doesn't use y, or at least not as a long vowel.

    Also, you can do the same with Greek. Just add "Greek Polytonic."

    Single quotation mark (') is smooth breathing. Double (") is rough. ἀ ἁ

    Semicolon ( ; ) is acute accent. ά

    Left bracket ([) is circumflex. ᾶ

    Right bracket (]) is grave. ὰ

    Alt adds iota subscript. For example, alt ; a = ᾀ. I don't remember how to get a bare iota subscript, but it isn't just with alt.

    Slash (/) is acute + breathing. If you capitalize it (question mark), it's rough, if not, it's smooth. ἄ ἅ

    Backslash (\) is grave + breathing. ἂ ἃ

    Equals (=) is circumflex + breathing. ἆ ἇ

    If you actually use macrons in Greek you can find them with the hyphen (-). ᾱ. Pretty sure nobody uses these though. I don't know how to combine them.

    Also, for the funky letters: x χ, j ξ, c ψ, v ω, y υ, u θ. w is final sigma (ς)
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    I'm surprised no one's posted this solution yet, so I'll share my method.

    In MS Word, go to Insert >> Symbols and select "More Symbols." In the resulting dialog box, scroll down to "Combining Diacritical Marks." Locate the diacritic you want and highlight it with a click, then click the "Shortcut Key" button. In the subsequent dialog box, hold down Ctrl, Alt, Shift, or any combination thereof (though I don't recommend Shift alone, obviously, 'cause that's for capitals) and then press the letter key of your choice. I use 'M' for "macron." Click on the "Assign" button, exit all dialog boxes, and you're doneǃ From then on, typing the combination you chose will automatically place the pertinent diacritic on whatever you typed before it. For example, in my case, I type "a" then hold down Alt and press 'M' for "ā."
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