Marin Mersenne's correspondance concerning Robert Fludd (1629)

By Julian Vaughan, in 'Original Manuscripts', Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Julian Vaughan New Member

    Would someone kindly translate this?
    Could I post more of the correspondence for translation?

    Pars prima velut prooemialis circa Fluddana opera
    Quibus rationibus Author suaderi videatur, ut judicium ferat de Fluddi in Mersennum libris.
    Quod priore efflagitas loco, illud est ut postquam libros videro, quos Nundinis proxime elapsis Robertus Fluddus in te emisit, quid de illis sentiam tibi explicem. Vidi itaque, mi Mersenne.
  2. skipper New Member

    The first part, that is the prooemium, about the works of Fludd.
    By which reasons the Author seems to be persuaded that he should make a judgement of Fludd’s books for Mersenne.
    Since in the first place you begged that, after I had seen the books which Robert Fludd sent to you after the last (book) fair, I might expound to you an opinion of them. And thus I have seen, my Mersenne.

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