Mission First, People Always

By Anonymous, in 'English to Latin Translation', May 14, 2006.

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    My name is Richard and I am currently taking a few weeks off from my civilian job with the DoD in Iraq. After spending 18 months there I figured that I needed a little time off. Besides, the armoured vehicle I was travelling in during a convoy from Baghdad to Tikrit was damaged by a roadside IED and injured my left hand, so taking a few weeks off wasn't my decision alone! As odd as it may sound to most people I enjoy being over there in support of the troops and being a history buff, I have the chance to observe history in the making. I am a former Army officer...a very long time ago after graduation from San Diego State University...so working with the troops brings back a lot of memories. There is an Army motto that has been around for 200 hundred years that I have tried to figure out how to translate into Latin. If anyone would be willing to give a shot at translating it for me I would be grateful. I wouldlike to use it on my correspondence with the Army when I return to Iraq. The motto is...
    "mission first, people always"

    Thanks and if anyone is interested in how things are going over in Iraq (compared to what some of the news groups report) feel free to ask....it will just be my opinion of course, but I have been on the ground there including Kirkuk, FOB Speicher, Al Kut, Mosul, Fallujah, Taji, Ar Ramadi, Najaf, Ur (the oldest known city in the world 4000 t0 5000 years old) and even once to Abu Ghraib....and once was enough.

    Regards to all,

  2. Sa Seba Consularis

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    Ah, all these old cities. I hope, someday we all will be able to visit them.
    Welcome to the forum, Richard!

    Better post your question also in the translation forum, to get a faster and proper resonse.

    And, I hope your hand gets better!
  3. Akela dat affluenter

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    Welcome to the Latin forum Richard. DoD stands for Department of Defense, or am I wrong?

    In general translation questions should go to the English to Latin translation forum, but I'll make an exception for you (don't you feel special?) :)
    Mission first, people always: missio imprimis, homines semper.

    I have to say I am not really clear on what it means.. Clarify it for me before you do anything permanent with my translation to avoid :doh: feelings later.
  4. Albert New Member

    Re: iraq51: Hello, introduction and a question?

    Ave Richard!

    I know you guys are doing a superb job in Iraq! I do not care what the liberal "dive-by" media has been reporting(a little Rush lingo). :D

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