Motto for Jones family: My Strength Comes from Within

By cjcjcj, in 'Latin Mottoes', Jul 17, 2006.

  1. cjcjcj New Member

    This is a phrase I want translated based on my Family motto (as far as I know) of:

    coelitus mihi vires - which I understand to mean 'My Strength Comes from Heaven'

    What would be appropriate to translate as 'My Strength comes from within' as in within myself?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. cjcjcj New Member

    Actually maybe I should also say that this is motto for 'Jones'

    I've noticed chjones on here as a member - maybe you already know how to change the motto?

  3. Cato Consularis

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    I have seen this on purported family crests for family "Jones" (Translation: I bought a drink coaster at Disneyworld some years ago with the name "Jones" under a blue/yellow coat of arms with a ribbon inscribed Caelitus mihi vires).

    It indeed means "My strengths come from heaven". Caelitus is a bit of an unusual word, an adverb derived from the noun caelum (I think it is non-classical, i.e. coined in the middle ages, but don't quote me on that).

    The Latin word for "from within" is intus, so the nearest translation would be Intus mihi vires.

    Footnote: A student spotted my coaster once and made the humorous mis-translation "Men are very delightful to me" (misreading viri for vires and taking caelitus to be something like laetissimi). Needless to say, he failed that semester :)
  4. cjcjcj New Member

    :applause: that's brilliant!

    Would be amusing to see that many people walking the earth with that as their motto.

    You may be interested in this too:

    To summarise then, Intus mihi vires, is appropriate to relate to myself (male) meaning 'my strength comes from within' (me).


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