1. MeusUniversitas New Member

    Hi There. I am new here so am just finding my feet.. but the thing is, i home educate my children and would love to teach them Latin, if anyone has any ideas of where would be best to begin i would be very grateful for your advice. Latin language means so much to me but i am unable to explain why.. even so i had a tattoo a year ago which says MeusUniversitas which i found to mean my world.. (is this right?) it was symbolic of my children as they each have Autism and are very much in there own worlds. Anyway. its great to be here and i hope to learn a lot from joining your expert community. x
  2. Matthaeus Vemortuicida strenuus

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    That ſhould be mea univerſitas, to agree with the feminine noun. And no, I don't think that's the beſt word for 'world'. Why not ſimply mundus ?
  3. Imprecator Civis Illustris

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    I took 'my world' as figurative for 'everything in my life', in which case uniuersitas is indeed a more accurate choice.
  4. Cinefactus Censor

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    litore aureo
    Intertran strikes again...
  5. Nikolaos schmikolaos

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    I should point out for the OP that Matthaeus means universitas - that F-like letter is simply an old-fashioned S.

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