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By Pacifica, in 'Non-Latin Talk', Jun 10, 2019.

  1. Pacifica grammaticissima

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    Prompted by the discussion here.

    What names do you like? If you can think of any right now, or if you come across any in the future, post them here.

    Names I like that I can think of right now:

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  2. Hawkwood .

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    I like Arthur. I wanted Arthur for 'shitbagz' but my partner overruled.
  3. Hawkwood .

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    I like a fair few roman names too, obviously one cannot name their kids with these; though I can think of a few names that have stood the test of time, Cassius being one.
  4. Bitmap Civis Illustris

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    Cygnea, Gena

    Uhm ... wait. So your child go named Shitbagz?
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  5. Pacifica grammaticissima

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  6. Terry S. flamen

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    Clue: woof!
  7. meisenimverbis Active Member

    Rio de Janeiro
    I love talking about names! :love:

    So, here's my list. (I had to sort them in categories.)

    (1) Names for myself.
    (1.a) In Latin. (If I were a Roman, what would I like to be called?)
    - Publius
    - Gaius
    (These as praenomina. As family names I don't get to choose, because... well, you can't choose a family... You can't choose a praenomen either, but these are my favourite ones.)
    - Macer (for a cognomen, because a slim fellow am I.)

    (2) Names for daughters. (If I ever have any.)
    - Olivia
    - Carolina
    - Joana (this one is Joan/Jean in Portuguese)

    (3) Names for sons. (If I ever have any.)
    - Tomás (without an h in Portuguese)

    (4) Other female names I like. (That I shall not use for daughters...)
    - Margarita (there's Margarida in Portuguese, but it isn't so common, and honestly I don't like it so much with the d)
    - Inzil (Tolkienish one, it means "lily")
    - Verônica

    (5) Other male names.
    - Gormadoc (Hobbit name in the family tree of the Brandybucks if I'm not mistaken... I have used this one for a character once)
    - Petronius
    - Fausto, Faustus
    - Kay (Gaius)

    Funny to let so many names out... Most of my characters have names I like... (I choose the names after all...)
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  8. Hashun, Thondergann, Arhan, Eyddur, and Gilgamesh.
  9. Hemo Rusticus The Lizard King

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    Not a few Tolkien names are worthy of real-world application, specially those with a Finnish ring like Irmo, Ilmarë (cf. Ilmarinen, shortened to Ilmo.)

    I've come to really like the sound of Turkish and its names. There's Altan ('red dawn', m), Aygül ('moon rose', f), Hülya ('daydream', f), and a whole lot more.

    But god forbid we encounter anyone but 'John' and 'Frank' and 'Suzy' in our daily shitlife. I'd much rather stumble over names like 'Xiao Long' than meet yet another 'Ben' (which happens to be my brother's name).
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  10. Hemo Rusticus The Lizard King

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    I also know a real-life 'Danitsa' (pronounced /dǝ-'ni-tsǝ/ in English), which is a South Slavic word for 'morning-star'. A very lovely name.
  11. I love the name Llewellyn.
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  12. Борислав also is cool.
  13. Pacifica grammaticissima

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    I like those.
  14. meisenimverbis Active Member

    Rio de Janeiro

    Llewellyn would be in my list. I didn't go through the Celtic ones... I like Deirdre and Moira too.
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  15. Hawkwood .

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    A good while ago these wires fell into tangling but I didn't rectify it. My fault.

    Shitbagz is the nickname I use for my youngest lad, Archibald. All three have nicknames but the other two are now near enough men as I had Spud at 16 years old and Tubz at 17. Then a massive gap till shitbagz came along.
  16. Hemo Rusticus The Lizard King

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    Think I can guess how he got that nickname.
  17. Hemo Rusticus The Lizard King

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  18. Hawkwood .

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    Otto is quite a nice name too. Not seen much over in the UK but I suspect fairly common in Germany.
  19. Pacifica grammaticissima

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  20. Laurentius Weebus Maximus

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    When it comes to Roman names, I like Albius and Publius.

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