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By AVGVSTA, in 'Ancient Greek', Jun 27, 2018.

  1. I've taken the National Latin Exam before, and am planning to take both it and the National Greek Exam next year. After looking through the webpage, I still wish to consult those who had some experience with the NGE about a few things.

    I. Does every level of the exam involve Greek geography? (the syllabi for Beginning Attic and Intermediate Attic both menacingly declared they only include "grammatical material" to be covered.)
    geography me

    :monsterbed:(me when I saw the Mediterranean map and almost couldn't find the Rhine on NLE, thinking, O TEMPORA O MORES)

    II. Does it involve reading short adapted stories( in the less advanced levels, say between Beginning Attic and Intermediate Attic) like the NLE does?
    III. For Latin, the awards titles are summa/maxima/etc.... cum laude; What titles do they do for Greek?
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    I am also taking the NGE (lowest level) next year. I don't know the answers to your questions for sure, but I believe I have seen short passages in past tests.
  3. Thanks, I see.
    Was it your school who ordered the previous exams?
    For the NLE, my magistra had a collection of all previous exams in Latin I, II, III & III-VI poetry (1999-2017); for the NGE, so far it seems that one can only order exams from the previous five years(2014-2017). I'm going to be the first student in my school to take the NGE(There is no official ancient Greek program, but I'll be the only Latin III student next year. Thus there's some flexibility with the curriculum); the school wouldn't have any more idea than I do.

    Probably, I'll first confirm with Magistra which level of the NGE will I be taking since I'll be learning Ancient Greek from a mixed Greek and Latin course. I'm guessing it's Beginning Attic or Introduction to Greek. Though personally, I'm hoping for Beginning Attic since Intro to Greek definitely has a :confused:GEOGRAPHY :confused: section and I'm currently keeping my fingers crossed that Magistra, seeing that I cannot find the Rhine, would order the Beginning Attic NGE. Then I'd order some previous exams by myself.

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