Ne quem despectes, nocet et parvissimus hostis

By Rocit, in 'Latin to English Translation', Jun 30, 2014.

  1. Rocit Member

    :oops: Oh my... I'm so ashamed! I beg your pardon, mea culpa...
  2. Pacifica grammaticissima

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    Haha, it's no big deal.
  3. Rocit Member

    Last sentence of the commentary is so difficult in syntax, that I need an expert opinion, because I'm sure I got it wrong:


    Virtutem singlorum atque vim, ne quidem tentatam expertamve, supra suam timide ducere, cunctosque & odisse (???), & invita ingrataque apud se veneratione mirari.

    To convince everyone (ducere cunctos) in valour and force (virtutem atque vim), however not tried or known (already) (ne quidem tentatam expertamve), above one's own (supra suam) real force and to be surprised (mirari) at the respect you get (se veneratione).

    I know I missed several words, it's just that I can't figure out their place in the sentence.
  4. Imber Ranae Ranunculus Iracundus

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    Something like: "To timorously reckon the virtue and strength of every other person, though it be untried and untested, above his own, and both to hate them all and to marvel within himself at them with a grudging and unpleasant respect."
  5. Rocit Member

    So grateful for your help!!

    Being here, on the forum, I remember young me, when I was playing chess for some years... I've often been calculating different combinations on the board and I always wondered, how do the professional chessmasters see what I don't and can not see?! I told myself that all that comes with time and I was waiting just until I left chess.
    Seeing your replies I wonder why don't I see what you can see)))) I hope that it'll all probably come with time if I be an ardent and zealous student of Latin :)

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