Nec tecum possum vivere, nec sine te. / Nec possum tecum vivere, nec sine te.

By Aurelius L, in 'Latin to English Translation', Dec 2, 2016.

  1. lepus Member

    Plutarch seems incoherent in that respect.

    Rōmŭlus -> Ρωμύλος
    Nŭma -> Νουμάς
    Sulla -> Σύλλας (although a variant spelling exists: Sylla)
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  2. Pacifica grammaticissima

    • Civis Illustris
    Weird. I wonder if there's an explanation to that, or if it was just mere inconsistency.
  3. Aurelius L New Member

    Oh lord xD

    Mmmm, being the newbie that I am, I found this and I was wondering if it is reliable or it's just like google translate.
  4. Pacifica grammaticissima

    • Civis Illustris
    Well, unless I'm doing something wrong, what it gives me for our sentence is: Νεc τεcθμ ποσσθμ vιvερε νεc σινε τε, which is about 50% rubbish.
  5. Aurelius L New Member

    Lol, thought so. Worth the shot at least.

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