Need to find a reliable Latin translation/dictionary website

By Neil Song, in 'General Latin Chat (English)', Nov 23, 2018.

  1. Neil Song New Member

    Does anyone know a website that has reliable Latin to English translations? Google translate doesn't seem to work that well with Latin.
  2. Dantius Homo Sapiens

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    in orbe lacteo
    There's no website that can automatically translate reliably. There are reliable dictionaries for single words but that doesn't help too much due to the complex grammar of Latin. This website has reliable Latin to English translations, though; just post the phrase you want translated in the "Latin to English translation" section! :D
  3. Godmy A Monkey

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    When I was a beginner in Latin, I was, in a way, a beginner in (analytically) learning foreign languages too (I was fluent in English, but that just kind of happened spontaneously over the span of many many years of schooling & home entertainment) and I was looking for exactly the same thing on the Internet, believing that something like that must exist, something that would help me in learning and constructing good Latin. But the fact is, what you're looking for would be in this day and age literally a "god machine", you would be looking for a machine that could do exactly the same thing as an adult human brain in its whole range of operations (full brain simulation)... and such machine hasn't been yet either constructed or simulated/emulated... from today's perspective, it is the "impossible device".

    It is like when coders/developers/programmers are asked to make an application which will be able to go through source code and determine whether it is semantically correct or not and whether it will get stuck in some point = it is logically an impossible task to do.

    There is no easy way.
  4. Pacifica grammaticissima

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    Before getting angry with monolinguals or near-monolinguals who have silly ideas about language and translation, we probably should think back to the beginnings of our own linguistic journeys as you've just done, Godmy. :D

    Now, maybe some among us are too intelligent to have ever had any really stupid ideas about it, but if so I'm not one of them, lol.
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  5. Godmy A Monkey

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  6. I'm a beginner in regards to posting here, so heus! Traupmann's dictionary is the version I constantly see in bookstores local to myself, and the one I personally use as the need occasions, but I do think Charlton T. Lewis' was far better, now sadly out of print. It is (paradoxically) the one usually cited on Wikipedia entries, though I'm sure we all see the issues there. In regards to electronics, is one option.

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