never give in, never give up

By Anonymous, in 'English to Latin Translation', Mar 15, 2007.

  1. Anonymous Guest

    i want to get the words:

    "never give in, never give up" tattooed on my right wrist
    (in latin obviously)

    im already getting
    "forti nihil difficile" on my left wrist

    this is just a new one i want done after that

    i tried to translate myself cos i used to study latin at skool
    but i kinda suck
    any help would realy be appreciated
  2. Vilhelmus New Member

    Try this:

    Numquam desiste, numquam concede.

    Desiste and concede are both 2. pers. singular imperative forms, propably not the best possible form in this case. Someone else might have more elaborate ideas...
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  4. shub13y New Member

    Similar thing really - my family's motto has always been 'never give in' and very specifically 'in' not 'up'. The translation I got to was 'numquam cesseris' - would you agree with this or can you suggest something more appropriate. I'd really appreciate the confirmation or further input. Thanks!

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