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By Anonymous, in 'English to Latin Translation', Jan 18, 2006.

  1. Anonymous Guest

    Hi my names john and i've recently overcome my depression which almost caused me to take my own life not long ago. To always remind myself that life is worth living i wanted to get a tattoo but in a different language. Latin has alway interested me and i would like for someone to translate the following phrase for me.
    "Never Give Up" plz this means a lot to me and this is the first form i've ever used and i don't want someone to translate it into something mean. As well if it's not to much trouble could someone also provide a break down of the phrase so i know how to pronouce it. Thanks to anyone who can help!!
  2. Akela dat affluenter

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    I know your feelings about the suicide. Unfortunately.
    An inspirational tattoo is a good idea. I am contemplating one of those myself :)

    I would translate never give up either as 'numquam dede' or as 'numquam trade'.
  3. Manius New Member

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    I was wondering how would pronunciation of 'numquam dede' be written down?

    One thing I know nothing about is how to put sounds on paper :oops: :oops: :oops:
  4. Akela dat affluenter

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    Sorry Gullage for not answering this question. I don't know how to transcribe sounds either.

    I will try it though. Emphasis on the bolded syllable.
    noom - quam ('qua' as in 'aquatic')

    'e' in both sentences as in 'very'
    'e' in first syllable is longer, as it is emphasized.

    Let me know if I can clarify this any better :)

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