News in Latin: Praeco Latinus

By Nesrad, in 'Latin Language Resources', Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Nesrad Member

    In the wake of the demise of YLE's Nuntii Latini comes this:

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  2. Matthaeus Vemortuicida strenuus

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  3. Godmy A Monkey

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    Attamen quantitātēs vōcālium multō melius legī possint :p Sed sat pulchrum est.
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  5. Terry S. flamen

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    Scorpio is back on the news feed again as of today.

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  6. bathtime Member

    I like that it has the option to turn on or off captions! The only issue is on the part of YouTube: when you pause the video, the captions disappear (this only happens in the embedded videos), but still amazing and can be listened to at .25, .50, .75% speed to make things easier to follow. :)

    I'm thinking of maybe taking a day or so to completely immerse myself in Latin—this would be a great assistance to the venture!
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