Nobody is rich enough to buy back the past

By ninva, in 'English to Latin Translation', Nov 18, 2006.

  1. ninva New Member

    Can someone translate this for me

    "Nobody is rich enough to buy back the past"

    Thank you
  2. QMF Civis Illustris

    Virginia, US
    I'm not sure what you mean by "buy back", but other than that I would say it's:
    nemo est dives satis posse [to buy back] annos qui volverunt (I would use volvere with a long first e for poetic force)
    The last part of course paraphrases Aeneid 1.234, which is a beautiful line in my opinion.
    And word order can of course be changed around to accomodate sound and emphasis preference. Once someone finds a good word to suit what you mean by "buy back".
  3. Cato Consularis

    Chicago, IL
    The idea of "buy back", I think, is that you've already "spent" your years and now--as an old man/woman--would like to buy them back. In that case redimere is the obvious choice. I also think "that he can buy back the past" is a result clause, so my suggestion:

    Nemo est tam dives ut annos redimat

    I cetainly appreciate the allusion to the Aeneid, but my understanding of volventibus annis is that these are years in the future, after which the Romans hinc fore ductores, revocato a sanguine Teucri
  4. QMF Civis Illustris

    Virginia, US
    Hence the use of the perfect tense. It's reversing the present ablative absolute "volventibus annis" with "annos qui volverunt". It's unfortunate that there is no active past participle (or a deponent verb that fits this context) because that would improve it greatly. An ut clause is more fitting, indeed, as is tam over satis.
  5. ninva New Member

    thank you-more translation please

    I want to thank everyone for the answers.
    When i say "buy back" i mean the mistakes and all the things that we did in our life.
    I want to make it tattoo.
    Please if you can translate also "Fight for your dreams"

    Thank you
  6. ninva New Member

    extra help

    Also if somene knows a good phrase in latin that say about the mistakes off the past and one more about the dreams that we fight.
    Please you gonna help me a lot.
    Sorry also for my english,i don't speak so good.
  7. QMF Civis Illustris

    Virginia, US
    nemo tam dives est ut errata renovare aut phantasmas (φαντασμας) vincere possit.

    Lit.: No one is so rich that (s)he is able to (fix?) the errors made in the past or to conquer [his/her] nightmares.

    You can use either the Latin script or the Greek script in whatever you want to use this for, technically the Greek script is more accurate because phantasmas is just a transliteration.

    The brackets are modifications of the literal translation, which would have "the nightmares", which sounds...odd. I would have used they instead of (s)he, but that's actually a grammatical error in English, not proper usage.

    Renovare was the verb I thought fit best, someone else can give that another shot.
  8. ninva New Member


    thank you for the translation. :)
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