Numbers: Undequinquaginti?

By Dramatical, in 'Latin to English Translation', Jan 18, 2007.

  1. Dramatical New Member

    Any idea what those two latin words mean?

    Catch: In relation to either the NFL or AFL. (Such as the Gigantes would be the New York Giants.)

    Baiuli is like...carrier, pallbearer, messenger...etc....but I'm pretty sure there are no 'Messengers' in either of those?

  2. QMF Civis Illustris

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    Virginia, US
    Undequinquaginti would be the number 49.
  3. Dramatical New Member

    Oh really? I actually didn't realize there were latin words for numbers...except the number six is sex in But then, wait, would mono be one, penta 5...etc.?
  4. QMF Civis Illustris

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    Virginia, US
    That's Greek. Latin is:
    unus duo tres quattuor quinque sex septem octo novem decem undecim dudecim...dudeviginti (18 ) undeviginti viginti...then it goes to unus et viginti duo et viginti...then dudetriginta (28 ) and so on.
  5. Iynx Consularis

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    But 49, the cardinal, should be undequinquaginta, with an -a on the end, I think. Isn't there a team called the 49ers? I suspect that someone is trying (perhaps humorously?) to express that in Latin.

    As for Baiuli, it would, as you say, mean Porters, Carriers, or Bearers. Isn't there a team called the Packers?

    I'm afraid (sigh) this is far more likely than the alternative: that someone is perpetrating a terrible bilingual pun, referring here to the Chicago Bearers.
  6. Dramatical New Member

    Oh, lynx, you're a genius; it is the packers.

    Yes, it is a sort of humourous thing...difficult to explain :D.
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