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    (This wouldn't happen if there wasn't for Quasus, who had already a working former non-online solution via various scripts and programs cleverly connected together and who has found in the endless rivers of the internet the first two briliant Graeco-Latin and Latino-Greek dictionaries and has done a tremendous job in making the search in them possible so I could use it later and recode it into this project: ergo gratias tibi aeternas ago, amice!)


    + An Etymological Dictionary of Latin from 1827 (There is more Greek in the definitions than it should be in a modern Latin etymological dictionary, but what would you expect in 1827 when the indoeuropean studies were just at its beginning. Still it is usually a very good and helpful reading).

    So we took few PDFs (mostly scanned by Google Books) and we made it (first Quasus made it with the first two dictionaries), that you can search in them like in any other online dictionary without a need to really transcribe them or OCR them (=with mistakes) or anything else.
    - This approach makes the process of "digitalization" much more possible and you can still use the main advantages of the actual digitalization.

    You simply input a Latin or a Greek word and the script finds you a fitting page from the physical dictionary. Then it is just matter of seconds for you to find in the page the word you are looking for.

    To input a Greek use the beta code = transcription to the Latin alphabet (without the Greek diacritics represented in beta).
    (There are directions on the site how to write letters as "omega, chi, ksi, theta" et cetera...)

    If your word is written over several pages, there is in the bottom always a button to go to the next (or previous page).

    If you need an appendix for the etymological dictionary, just click "See an appendix" above the buttons "next/previous". This is however useless if there is not expressively written in your definition "See appendix" ;)

    Individual pages cannot be currently linked for certain good reasons and right now I'm not planning to change that.

    So enjoy! :clapping:
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