Our Lord be the Highest, all-elevated, born of the Nobles on Earth.

By Issacus Divus, in 'Religious Latin Phrases', Mar 8, 2019.

  1. Crafted to work with Tier III of Dancing Mad.
    Nietzsche nihilism prevails.


    To the tune of Kefka's Theme in Dancing Mad, Tier III:
    We go to the elders and sit and let the words of the the past fill our souls by the dawn's permit.

    And We are still waiting, we ever-faithful, in the hope of receiving the gracious light.
    The Glorious Light, the Translation, not given unto us. Thusly We Wait.
  2. And, thusly no one of Heaven came to translate.
  3. Pacifica grammaticissima

    • Civis Illustris
    I think we need context. Like, what does it mean exactly?
  4. It is fit to work with this song.

    It's supposed to encompass the raising hope emphasized by the baseline at 0:28.
    The song is complex. Should I explain the story behind it?
    Or do you mean the context of the lyrics?
    I made up the lyrics for the baseline.
  5. Bitmap Civis Illustris

    • Civis Illustris
    Cygnea, Gena
    I'm not sure if I get the meaning of the "be" right ... if it's intended to mean something like "should be", you could translate it as

    dominus noster sit summus (omnium), omni genere elatus, natus (ex) nobillimis terrae

    (if "be" is just a fancy way to say "is", then just replace the sit with est)

    Just to be sure: that's a translation of the sentence you presented in the title.
    It can probably be translated in various different ways. Pacifica always asks for context because she wants to get things right, but I'm not impedimented by the burden of having any special knowledge on translation, so I just throw things out there :p

  6. Thanks. So, I guess I can go with:
    dominus noster est summus (omnium), omni genere elatus, natus (ex) nobillimis terrae
  7. Bitmap Civis Illustris

    • Civis Illustris
    Cygnea, Gena
    the brackets around omnium and ex were meant to say that the words are optional ... I would probably leave them in and remove the brackets ;)
    summus omnium means "the highest of all", but the Latin feels a bit strange to me without that reference in there

  8. Ah, as I figured.

    In this case, dominus noster est summus omnium, omni genere elatus, natus ex nobillimis terrae.

    All I really needed was a direct translation like this, because the sing doesn't have actual (accepted) lyrics, and thusly I have made my own.
  9. Iohannes Aurum Technicus Auxiliarius

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    This is composed by Nobuo Uematsu.

    It is about the rise of a psychopathic clown who formerly was the right-hand man of the emperor of a mighty steampunk empire powered by draining the power of magical spirits captured from the Sealed Continent to the east (the empire is based in the southern continent). After said clown seized power (after the player party went to the Sealed Continent to summon the magical spirits to lay siege to the capital of the empire), he levitated the continent and moved the Goddess statues atop that continent, upsetting the balance of the world, therevy giving him more power to the point of being practically a deity.

    I played Final Fantasy VI and have fond memories of it.

    I found this on OCRemix:

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  10. I know, John The Baptist, I played it too....
    I still play Final Fantasy games. But, I guess you explained it to Pax, and all those who don't know.
    And You can say Kefka, My Friend.
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  11. Hawkwood .

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    Good Lord, things have developed somewhat since pacman and stick tennis.
  12. Hawkwood .

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  13. You should not have said that.
    Because, before that, a manifestation of past tyrants and evils wanted to subject the world to his will, threw the balance of the world into jeopardy, and broke the four elements. Protection had been given a generation ago by an elite team of another world. They saved their world, and the dawn shone through- maybe why they're called the Four Warriors of the Dawn. The team would've just thrown away the manifestation to another world, but one member had compassion on that world, and instead sealed it away.

    That one member eventually came to that world, and had a son. Shortly after, he died of grief from his wife's death to sickness.

    So, finally, the kingdom's princess searches for his son for a chance of help. They then come across a man in a meteor. Or, so they think. Anyway, this group becomes a team and heads off, eventually makes it to the other world, fight a certain Sumerian semi-historical legend, witness the worlds merge, accidentally anger gods, gain the favor of them later on, then witness the manifestation gain enough power to get his own realm, The Void. They cross the Town that Time forgot, enter the Castle in the Sky, fight Omnipotence, go into the void, and almost die to a certain foe before being saved by the Sumerian Legend. And then, they get to the manifestation, who has become engulfed in all evils. He almost kills them before the Warriors save them, and hold open the way to enter in the manifestation's section of the Void.

    The manifestation tries to fight, but fails, and the evil he uses for power fully engulfs him. What arises is a deity, a tired deity, that only wishes to make everything nothing again, as it was. Including himself.

    FFV is sorta similar at the end to FFVI, ain't it, Iohannes?
  14. Iohannes Aurum Technicus Auxiliarius

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    Yes. FFV has Exdeath, while FFVI has Kefka.
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  15. Yet, I wouldn't say that one copied another. Both of them fit into their own respective world.
  16. J.M Active Member

    I see you are a great fan of Final Fantasy Issacus Divus!
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  17. I sure am!
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  18. J.M Active Member

  19. :hat:
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