Parsing Gerundive Infinitive

By Benedictus Smithus, in 'Latin Grammar Questions', Nov 11, 2013.

  1. Benedictus Smithus Member

    Hey I was reading Charles Bennets 'New Latin Grammar' (It was free for kindle) and I came across 'amandus esse' and 'amantus fuisse' which the first one he names as Present and the second the Perfect.
    How would such a verb be parsed?
  2. Oups Active Member

    Allen and Greenough
  3. Benedictus Smithus Member


    Thanks ;3 I have already looked around in various grammar books (Allen and Green. included) but my problem is with parsing, for example:

    amas: 2nd person singular present active indicative.
    how would I render amandus esse and amantus fuisse the same way :3
  4. Oups Active Member

    Parse each word :
    amandus : nominative masculin singular gerundive of amo (I love)
    esse : present infinitive active of sum (I am)

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