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By Lysandra, in 'Non-Latin Talk', Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Lysandra Canis

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    Inspired by our discussion about a certain 'shitbagz' in the 'Names You Like' thread ...

    What are some of the most interesting/bizarre/funny pet names (no pun intended) your family calls you or you've heard other people called?

    My dad typically calls me 'Fish Head Curry'.
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  2. Hemo Rusticus One Slick Hombre

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    I dig. I've always been a big fan of the nickname, and a great proponent/user thereof. I'll try to pace myself, but the list is long.

    My dad has historically called me probably quite a few, but predominantly: Maxy-moose (much younger), Swami, and Llewxam (my name backwards, which he pronounces /'lu-ˌzæm/). My aunt calls me 'my viking'. At work they sometimes call me 'Karl', as in 'Karl Marx' because of a comment about my mutton chops (which I no longer have).

    I had a friend in high school who had gotten the nickname 'Cactus' (I don't know how), which soon got mangled into 'Cac-tits', and the grand finale was that they just called him 'Tits'. Now, don't get the wrong idea; he wasn't a portly fellow, in fact much the opposite.

    I know a Jericho whose parents and friends call him 'Coco', but I call him 'Rick' or 'Jerry'.
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  3. Hemo Rusticus One Slick Hombre

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    I s'poze there's a distinction between 'pet' and 'nick-' names, but who's keeping track?
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  4. Hawkwood .

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    Haha! That's the best ever. Ever!
  5. Pacifica grammaticissima

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  6. Issacus Divus Well-Known Member

    My dad calls me Sonny, after a pilot.
  7. Terry S. scurra

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    Extending the scope of a the thread a little further, a few days ago a friend in Spain told me Frankenpope is often called Generalissimo Francisco down there.

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