1. Richjaxfl New Member

    I am a Bass player starting a fellowship/society for bass players to share ideas and just about anything else.
    The latin phrase I an looking for would be something like play bass but, even more specificaly not to just play bass but to produce something that the listener really gets into and enjoys.
    In the music-speak it would be something like GROOVE or ROCKing. I had thought of effector fundamentum, but I was corrected that fundamentum is not a word. also effector radix, but I need a word that indicates the bass player's job is to make people really get into the music, you know, something that causes the listener to swing or sway to the bass part.

    thank you very much
  2. scrabulista Consul

    • Consul
    radix is "base" in the sense of "root."
    fundamentum is "base" in the sense of "foundation."

    I think you want "bass" the musical instrument.

    Hmm...WORDS has contrabassum. Wait for other opinions on that one.

    There was a thread on "Rock" -- look under neologisms.
  3. Richjaxfl New Member

    great, I read the posts on ROCK. so I think maybe the word I might be looking for is TO EXCITE. (when you are really into music, you are excited). Along with that might be DRIVEN. or DRIVING FORCE, as the bass part of music is a driving force to the listener.
    We are getting closer, (to produce)+(to excite)+(driving force).
  4. Richjaxfl New Member

    maybe a 3 word phrase,
    effector,suggero,coegi vis.
    but a word that would refer to low sound..(thunder?) thunder is not exactly continual though,

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