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    I have focused on learning Classical Latin at the university. That is why I have not really learnt Medieval Latin. There might be some interpretation difficulties when reading mediaeval manuscripts. It could be of much help to specialise on Medieval Latin.

    Your translation into English is pretty much as I did interprate it. I have not looked at the text in detail for way to long. :(
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    "He considered (arbitrabatur, deponent) there was a great opportunity for invading it (some feminine thing, I guess either a town or city or a country or such, invadende eius)."
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    Helsingia (Finnia)
    It really is a long time since I did something on this matter! Not good...

    Saxo Grammaticus wrote earlier in 14:11:3:

    quem magis potiende Suetie cupido quam aut iniurie dolor aut pudoris irritamentum accenderat.

    In other words eius refers to invading Suetie or Sweden.

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