1. The Recon Co. New Member

    I would like to have the brief phrase "Prepare to prevail" translated into Latin as a motto for a prospective business that would provide the means to prepare for natural or manmade emergencies or disasters.
    Thank you very much.
  2. aegor magister

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    If you are commanding a single person vincere para or para vincere.

    If you are commanding several persons, vincere parate or parate vincere.
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  3. The Recon Co. New Member

    Thank you!
  4. AoM nulli numeri

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    restare is another option for 'prevail'.
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  5. The Recon Co. New Member

  6. Adrian Civis Illustris

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    one could also express "prepare to prevail" as
    Pares ut praevaleas ; Paretis ut praevaleatis
    Praevalitum Para/ Parate
  7. Dantius Homo Sapiens

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    in orbe lacteo
    The second option seems strange to me. Supines are almost exclusively used with verbs of motion like eo and venio.

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