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By Pica Vetus, in 'Latin to English Translation', Mar 6, 2019.

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    Context (text "in fine")
    November 1696. We are in Flanders (nowadays Belgium), in Serskamp (old spelling Cherskamp), a parish about 20 km east-southeast of Gent (English: Ghent, French: Gand, Latin Ganda), in those days still considered the capital city of the County of Flanders.
    The County of Flanders, as all of the Southern Netherlands, are controlled by the Spanish Habsburgs.
    Ecclesiastically, he Southern Netherlands are part of the archbishopric of Mechelen (French: Malines, Latin: Mechlina)
    In the city of Gent we find the Spaniards’ Castle, with their own church, the “yglesia del castillo”, or “ecclesia Sancti Bavonis arcis”, which counted i.a. the Spanish nobility among their members.
    The “ecclesia Sancti Bavonis arcis” was headed by a chaplain-major.
    Yet, there were many conflicts about the jurisdiction of this church. One of the better known disputes is whether that church had the right to marry Spanish soldiers who did not reside in the castle.
    Since I had Latin at college (well over 50 years ago), I do understand most of the text below that can be found in the Serskamp parish registers. Yet, I fail to grasp the exact meaning of the middle part. Sine ulla? Who died? Within 8 days?
    The punctuation used in those days is not always clear. Single dots or commas are not used.
    Who can help me out?
    Septima novembris baptizavi Catharinam filiam Joannis Govaert et Mariae Manhuis spuriam ob invaliditatem matrimonij / initum coram capellano Arcis gandavensis sine ulla in dictas personas jurisdictione aut commissione : prole autem nata octiduum mortua / dictae personae cum dispensatione Illustrissimi Domini Archiepiscopi Mechliniensis super invaliditate matrimonii cum tempore clauso idem matrimonium solemnizarunt in faciiae ecclesiae prochiae de Cherscamp coram me et testibus Petro de Kerpel et Jacobo van den Broecke
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    initum coram capellano Arcis gandavensis sine ulla in dictas personas jurisdictione aut commissione : prole autem nata octiduum mortua...

    (It/the marriage had been) contracted before the chaplain of the castle of Gent, who did not have any legal authority or mandate over the aforesaid persons. But, the child that had been born having died within eight days, ...
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    Thanks, Pacifica.

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