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By jacktthekilns, in 'Speaking Latin', May 17, 2019.

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    My name in Latin is Canicus, but I am curious about the length of the a and i. I have not seen this name written in a context where macrons were used, but I have noticed that it is common in Roman names at least to have a long vowel Jūlius, Mārcus, etc. does anyone know for sure about Canicus, or do you know how I might find out? Thanks
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    If it's some kind of 'loan translation' (of maybe Conan; the Irish certainly knew their Latin) and so derivative of canis, surely the a would be short. But it'd be more useful to know what the 'native' version of your name is?
  3. Yeah. What does Canicus translate to?
  4. jacktthekilns New Member

    It is the Latin form of Kenneth. It looks like the Gaelic form is Cainnech. How the Scottish Cinaed comes into it I'm not sure. I can't find any specific etymology for Canicus. so i don't know if it is simply a Latinization or if it has its own meaning in a Latin/Roman context
  5. Cainnech is mostly a *feminine name. Anyway, Canicus is most likely a Latinization of it.

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  6. Cainnech and Cinaed are actually unrelated. Apparently, both of them were translated to mean "Kenneth".
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    While I'm certainly no authority on Gaelic (but I know someone who is), I'm positive the 'a' would be short. The 'i' indicates 'fronting' or palatalization of the coming 'nn' and nothing in the way of a diphthong which could be realized as a long vowel, and if the name really derives from caoin, ao is not really a diphthong but a single short vowel like Russian ы /ɨ/.
  8. jacktthekilns New Member

    Thanks, I will treat it as short.
  9. Bitmap Civis Illustris

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    Cygnea, Gena

    that name lends itself to some other Latin loan translation :p
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