Protect me from evil; I am God's Soldier

By Coolmanluke, in 'Religious Latin Phrases', Jul 16, 2006.

  1. Coolmanluke New Member

    please i need to know the translation for "protect me from evil"
    " i am god's soilder"
    thank u
  2. Iynx Consularis

    • Consularis
    "Protect me from evil"

    I suggest:

    Libera me a malo.

    echoing the end of the Lord's Prayer, where libera nos a malo is traditionally, and accurately, translated "deliver us from evil".

    If you insist on a more literal version, it might be

    Defende me a malo


    Tuere me a malo

    But I like the first version best (and the third least). Other opinions?

    PS Your other text, read as "soldier of God" is addressed in your other recent thread in this forum.

    I hope that anyone with comments on that text will place them in that thread, so as to keep that discussion in one place. Thanks.
  3. Coolmanluke New Member

    thank u

    thanks for the help
  4. Errans New Member

    You want to use the form of order/demand:

    Defende me a malum

    Defend me from evil -- order/command clause.
  5. Iynx Consularis

    • Consularis
    Errans, I'm sorry, but I think that a malum is flat wrong. I know there are ancient examples of ab with the accusative (politely marked in one reference as "irregular"). But ab has taken the ablative lo these two millennia. As the Pater Noster has it: a malo.
  6. Errans New Member

    Yes, sorry -- shoud've been malo or plural form, depending on degree of evil... as in singular or plural
  7. Iynx Consularis

    • Consularis
    If anyone is looking here for a post by Davewebb4004 on a translation for "flying high", I have moved it to its own thread.

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