Question about the Dutch saying "Idem Ditto"

By Joops, in 'General Latin Chat (English)', Jun 22, 2019.

  1. Joops New Member

    Recently I had a discussion with a British friend about the Dutch saying 'Idem Ditto', which means 'the same'.
    I always thought the saying was a Latin one but my British friend disagreed, he told me both 'Ditto' and 'Idem' are originally Latin words but the saying itself is only used in the Dutch language.

    After trying to find an answer on google, where I found contradicting information, I decided to look for Latin speaking people to get a definitive answer.
    Has someone ever seen this saying being used in Latin? I'd love to know!

    Thanks in advance, Joops
  2. Pacifica grammaticissima

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    Idem is a Latin word, meaning "the same", which has been borrowed into several languages including English and, apparently, Dutch (I don't speak Dutch).

    Ditto is not a Latin word. It's originally Italian (well, from a dialect thereof), meaning "said". As you probably know, it has been borrowed into English with a meaning like "same as what's already been said".

    It seems to me that both of those words must have been borrowed into Dutch and then pleonastically combined by some people to form a new expression that means the same as each of its two parts.
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  3. Joops New Member

    Thank you for the very quick response! Now I can sleep peacefully tonight after I told my friend I was wrong.
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  4. Pacifica grammaticissima

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    You're welcome.
  5. Dantius Homo Sapiens

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    in orbe lacteo
    Though to be fair, he was wrong as well, since "Ditto" isn't a Latin word.
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  6. Joops New Member

    I will definitely rub it in :)
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