Quis poterit unum proprie Deum...

By xehanort420, in 'Latin to English Translation', Dec 1, 2018.

  1. xehanort420 New Member

    Could someone help me with a few lines?
    Quis poterit unum proprie Deum nosse caelorum?
    Quis nisi quem sustulerit ab errore nefando?
    Errabam ignarus spatiens, spe captus inani.
    Dum furor aetatis primae me portabat in auras
    Plus eram quam palea levior; quasi centum adessent
    In humeris capita, sic praeceps quocumque ferebar
    Non satis; his rebus criminose denique mersus

    What I have so far: Who could know the uniquely single God of the heavens? Who except he who rises above profane error? I wandered through an expanse of ignorance, prisoner of empty hope, while prior madness swept me up into the air. I was lighter than chaff...
  2. skipper New Member

    Here's a stab at it:

    Who will have known the one true God of the heavens?
    Who besides Him will rise above wicked error?
    I was walking aimlessly and senselessly, seized by vain hope.
    While the rage of early life carried me into the wind
    I was lighter than chaff; almost a hundred heads
    on shoulders appeared, it was not enough
    that I was thus carried headlong somewhere;
    Indeed, I was overwhelmed by the reproaches of these things.

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