remember more then you'd like to forget

By Anonymous, in 'Latin Phrases', Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Anonymous Guest

    First of all i would like to ask if anyone has actually bought a translation before online ? I want to get a tattoo of somthing my girlfriend is gonna write and im scared im gonna get somthing that doesn't mean what i want it to mean . Ive tryed several free sites and i get wierd answers . Can anyone help me out with this line ? Thanks in Advance .

    remember more then you'd like to forget

    memor magis tunc you'd amo ut alieno < --- is what i got

    thanks again :D
  2. Akela dat affluenter

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    Re: Translation Please

    Do you mean automatic translators? Those often/always border on terrible.

    I've never bought a translation online so I cannot suggest you anything unfortunately.
  3. Numerius New Member

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    Did you mean this as imperative (i.e., telling someone to remember)?

    In this case here's my attempt: memora amplius quam oblivisci vis.

    The (automatic?) translation you got was terrible #-o
  4. Anonymous Guest

    I've looked at the same things as well. Here are two sites I found and am thinking about trying, but haven't yet.

    This one is $18 for a translation of less than 25 words (I think), and they claim Angelina Jolie used their translation service for her tattoo:

    I can't remember how much this one is, but I think they will send you a quote for what you want translated. You can send a quote request via email. I sent mine 02/20/06 but haven't received an answer as of today:

    Good luck! If you use either of these, let us know how they work. :lol:
  5. Akela dat affluenter

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    hee hee. Well, if they are certified translators it should turn out ok. But I'd like to know how they translate this phrase too.
  6. Anonymous Guest

    basically means " more happyness then sadness " like your telling yourself or someone else Remember more then you'd like to forget.

    thanks to everyone :D

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