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By cmhbob, in 'General Latin Chat (English)', Dec 14, 2010.

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    Greetings all.

    I am hoping to rename and rebrand my blog. I started it five or so years ago, and it's certainly not a high-traffic site. I average about 30 unique visits per day, and I'm sure many of those are bots. At any rate, as my family prepares to set out on a very long-term RV trip around the country, I want to rename it. It lives at My wife and I had the domain several years ago for an online gift company that never went anywhere. The name came from 1 Kings 17. As we set out on our adventure, my wife--a Nazarene pastor--is going to start blogging under the Raven's Beak brand, so I need something new.

    I've spent some time at (and I know the risks of automated translation), and have come up with some ideas, but I welcome other suggestions. I don't have a niche right now, although as we head out on the road, it will focus more on life on the road. Maybe 30 - 40% of the content will be focused there. But the rest will be all over the map. I write about faith, history, humor, law & order stuff, current events, guns, get the idea.

    The first couple of ideas I had were "Itineris Dictum" and "Paucum Ex Via," but as I thought about it, I don't necessarily want to focus the name on the "road" portion of the writing. I don't want to have to rename this in a year or two or three when we "land."

    I recently came up with the idea of "Unfocused." No clue how that would translate.

    Some other possibilities: Wandering Writer, or Wandering Words. That covers both the traveling and the subject variety.

    "Erratio" looks interesting at first glance.

    What are the differences between scriptor and perscriptor?

    I was glad to find this forum, and hope you are able to help. All suggestions appreciated. In the meantime, I'll wander around and see what all you've got here. Looks pretty neat.

    Bob Mueller
  2. Decimus Canus Civis Illustris

    • Civis Illustris
    Unfocused - amongst other meanings defigere can mean to focus one's thoughts or eyes, so possibly the contrived word indefixus might stand for unfocussed. Possibly the neuter plural indefixa might be better yet, standing for unfocussed things, thoughts or words. Neither of these turns up in a Google search (yet) so this has to count as pseudo-Latin but on the other hand it will be a unique name.

    Wandering Writer: scriptor vagans.

    Wandering Words: verba vagantia.

    Erratio - this is from errare which means to wander in the sense of going astray and it also means to make a mistake. It is the source of the English word "error". An alternative verb would be vagari which has the sense of aimless wandering and gives the word vagatio.

    A scriptor is simply someone who writes. A perscriptor writes things down punctually and minutely making a detailed record.

    Edit: Fixed typo.

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