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By Bogdan Danciu, in 'Suggestions and Feedback', Feb 21, 2017.

  1. Bogdan Danciu New Member

    I've just now joined this website/forum for the purpose of integrating various latin terms into a study that I am working on. I see that there may be some users/moderators/persons that are integral to the site that may help me at a moments notice, but due to the regulations of this platform I am unable to communicate with them directly ( as seen in the following link, at the first FAQ - ).
    It is in my opinion that even though this rule does have reglementary standing due to the sovereignty of the website and its regulators, morally and intelectually it is not valid for the purpose of perpetuating knowledge as a whole, not only refering to the latin language, which should be readily available in our era.
    For which I most respectfully ask that I may be able to ask a very simple question regarding the translation of one simple sentance from english to latin.
    Thank you.
  2. Godmy A Monkey

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    I'm just one of the regular users here, but I'm afraid that if you want to conduct your business here ONLY via private messages, you are not going to get very far. The way we perpetuate the knowledge here is through an open discussion and endless debates even on very simple and short Latin sentences (their grammar, lexicon, style...). Otherwise you will really have to find some volunteer out of this forum. (as not to go against the forum's philosophy reflected in its policy).

    But I dare to say that we are pretty good in what we do publicly here in an open discussion: if that is good enough for you, you certainly don't need to ask to ask and just create a thread in the appropriate forum section.
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  3. Cinefactus Censor

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    Feel free to post your request here.

    If you want it to be private, you could post a request for a private translation in that forum, but it would be a paid translation.

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