Respect the past, represent the future.

By Doug, in 'English to Latin Translation', Aug 15, 2019.

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    I am looking for the translation of the phrase- Respect the past, represent the future. I want to use it as a motto for a gulf coast fishing charter company that I will be starting in the future. The meaning of the phrase being that we should respect the lessons learned from history and use them to build a future worth being a part of.

    I have already received a translation from another recommended source - Respice praeterita, esto futura. I wanted to get a (for lack of a better term) second opinion before using the phrase on any company letterhead, business cards, etc.

    Thanks in advance
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    prospicere of course doesn't mean 'represent', but it's a nice contrast with respicere. I guess the prepositions aren't necessary, but others can chime in. I saw the dative used with prospicere as well (in the sense of 'look out for'). Also, the usual singular vs. plural when it comes to the imperative.

    respice ad praeterita, prospice in futura.
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  3. Doug New Member

    I do dig that! That is definitely a nice contrast, and very fitting for my use. Thank you kindly.

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