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    “Utica” (S1E09)

    With Scipio and Cato defeated, Caesar returns home to a hero's welcome. Vorenus and Pullo's showdown with local thug Erastes gets an unexpected reprieve from Caesar. Servilia's plan to use Octavia to unearth a secret about Caesar backfires.

    - Good thing they didn’t depict Plutarch’s account of Cato’s death.

    - Caesar mentoring Octavius, asking what he would do to right the Republic.

    - Octavius reveals himself to be a deist, not a theist.

    - Octavia finally learning (from Servilia) that her mother had her husband killed.

    - Caesar showing up at Vorenus’s at just the right moment.

    - Octavius: “I have no skill at pretending.”

    - Octavius seeing through his sister’s façade afterwards.

    - Pullo’s reaction to seeing Vorenus in a toga: “You look like laundry.”

    - Reference to Yom Kippur.

    - Brutal scene for Servilia; Atia is quick to seek vengeance.
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    Florus gives this account. Is it the same as Plutarch's?
    Nam postquam filium comitesque ab amplexu dimisit, in noctem lecto ad lucernam Platonis libro, qui inmortalitatem animae docet, paulum quieti dedit; tunc circa primam vigiliam stricto gladio revelatum manu pectus semel iterumque percussit. Ausi post hoc virum medici violare fomentis. Ille passus, dum abscederent, rescidit plagas secutaque vi sanguinis manus in ipso volnere reliquit.
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    For the most part, but Plutarch goes into more detail. My Greek's a bit rusty, so from the Loeb:

    And now the birds were already beginning to sing, when he fell asleep again for a little while. And when Butas came and told him that harbours were very quiet, he ordered him to close the door, throwing himself down upon his couch as if he were going to rest there for what still remained of the night. But when Butas had gone out, Cato drew his sword from its sheath and stabbed himself below the breast. His thrust, however, was somewhat feeble, owing to the inflammation in his hand, and so he did not at once dispatch himself, but in his death struggle fell from the couch and made a loud noise by overturning a geometrical abacus that stood near. His servants heard the noise and cried out, and his son at once ran in, together with his friends. They saw that he was smeared with blood, and that most of his bowels were protruding, but that he still had his eyes open and was alive; and they were terribly shocked. But the physician went to him and tried to replace his bowels, which remained uninjured, and to sew up the wound. Accordingly, when Cato recovered and became aware of this, he pushed the physician away, tore his bowels with his hands, rent the wound still more, and so died.
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    in orbe lacteo
    I see.
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    “Triumph” (S1E10)

    Caesar is proclaimed Emperor amidst pomp and fanfare, while Vorenus and Pullo plan their futures in Rome's new order.

    - Caesar to the Senators: “Oppose me, and Rome will not forgive you a second time.”

    - Caesar during his triumph:

    - The triumph scene was really well-done.

    - Good scene between Caesar’s slave and Vorenus.

    - Servilia putting extreme pressure on Brutus, reminding him of his ancestry.

    - Happy Pullo turns into pitiable Pullo, who turns into vicious Pullo.

    - Pullo: “I’m a soldier, not a murderer.” Erastes: “These days, Pullo, is there really any difference?”
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    “The Spoils” (S1E11)

    While Pullo descends into Erastes' netherworld, Vorenus negotiates a severance for veteran soldiers on behalf of Caesar, who invites him and Niobe to one of Atia's parties.

    - “Gerrae!”

    - Someone likens Vorenus and Pullo to Castor and Pollux.

    - Erastes eating mouse.

    - Caesar promises his veterans land in Pannonia.

    - Great scene between Brutus and Cassius.

    - Atia warns Caesar of Brutus.

    - Niobe in Atia's house: “They’ve even painted the ceilings.”

    - They keep calling Vorenus magistrate, but never specify which one.

    - Pullo in dire straits.

    - Caesar and Brutus playing some sort of board game.

    - Brutus to Caesar: “Only tyrants need worry about tyrant killers!”

    - The final scene in the arena is probably the best of the show so far.


    “Kalends of February” (S1E12)

    In the Season One finale, Vorenus's defense of Pullo lands him in an unexpected position of power. Meanwhile, Servilia crosses the final hurdle in her ambitious revenge scenario, at Niobe's expense.

    - Pullo goes from dead to hero.

    - Nice shot of the Appian Way.

    - Caesar to Cicero: “I wish the Senate to be made of the best men in Italy, not just the richest old men in Rome.”

    - Niobe to her daughter on marriage: “Strange marriage it would be if you loved him from the start.”

    - Calpurnia dreaming of omens.

    - Great scene between the conspirators.

    - Vorenus learns the truth about his “grandson”.

    - Caesar to Brutus during the assassination: no et tu, Brute, no καὶ σὺ, τέκνον; they follow Plurtarch's account (silence and trying to cover his head with his toga).

    - Niobe’s tragic fate.

    - Servilia threatening Atia in front of Octavius: not a good idea.
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    “Passover” (S2E01)

    (Season Two premiere) In the wake of Caesar's death, Mark Antony considers a move north, while Vorenus issues a curse.

    - Vorenus turning on the rest of his family, and cursing them.

    - Antony: “I expect no public service from a Jew.”

    - Caesar’s will: Octavian gets everything.

    - In 44, Octavian was 18. The actor on the show looks too young at this point.

    - Pullo just stealing some guy’s horse lol.

    - Antony likening himself to Cincinnatus.

    - Antony gets revenge on Pompey’s son.

    - Calpurnia spitting in the face of Servilia... twice.

    - At the funeral: the men’s heads are covered, while the women have their hair let down.

    - Even someone like Erastes has some decency when it comes to funerals.

    - Vorenus going full bloodbath.

    - Brutal ending for everyone.
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    “Son of Hades” (S2E02)

    Cleopatra arrives in Rome, to Atia's dismay; Octavian wins over the masses; Vorenus steps into Erastes' shoes.

    - Vorenus guilty over not only the death of his wife and children, but Caesar himself.

    - Antony to Atia: “Caesar would’ve fucked Medusa if she’d worn a crown.”

    - Cleopatra to Antony: “It’s those uniforms you wear. You all look alike.”

    - Tense scene between the two.

    - Antony asserting his authority over Vorenus.

    - Ah, classic torture. Putting someone in a bag with snakes.

    - Vorenus smashing a statue of Concordia: “I am a son of Hades!”

    - The quarrel between Antony and Octavian begins.

    - Octavia laughing at her brother’s thinking that he will be in control of Rome.

    - Great scene between Octavian, Antony, and Atia.

    - Octavian to Antony: “You’re not fit to lead Rome!”

    - First mention of Agrippa.

    - The twist: Vorenus’s children are still alive.
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    “These Being the Words of Marcus Tullius Cicero” (S2E03)

    As Brutus and Cassius struggle to raise foreign money for an army, Mark Antony changes his post-consul itinerary from Macedonia to Gaul. The plan is derailed when Cicero throws his support to Octavian, the new Caesar.

    - Octavia and a friend inhaling hemp. Atia: “Is it any good?”

    - Tension between Vorenus and Pullo.

    - Antony: “You are the Senate, Cicero.”

    - Antony asking Cicero about the fate of Crassus (the Parthians pouring liquid gold down his throat). This gets Cicero to concede to Antony’s demands.

    - First appearance of Agrippa.

    - Atia to Octavia: “I have no son.”

    - Servilia’s hired a pleb to kill Atia.

    - Brutus pretty much broken now.

    - Even though Atia rejects having a son, she wants Antony to swear he won’t kill Octavian.

    - Vorenus’s children trying to escape from slavery.

    - Vorenus and Pullo’s relationship finally comes to a head.

    - And Brutus suddenly has long hair. Sometimes I wish they’d better convey how much time has passed.

    - In Cicero’s message regarding Antony: “You are Rome’s Helen of Troy.”

    - And then Antony beats another Senator with Cicero’s speech.

    - “Three months later” - Well, there ya go.

    - Leave on that cliffhanger? Come on.
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    “Testudo et Lepus” (S2E04)

    Servilia finds herself in Atia's villa at the mercy of Timon. Pullo runs into Octavian, who has just won a battle against Mark Antony. The new Caesar decides to return to Rome with his army. Vorenus discovers his children's fate.

    - Murder attempt fails; torture ensues.

    - Octavian recast older, finally.

    - RIP Hirtius and Pansa.

    - After Octavian says they’re marching to Rome to get the money they deserve from the Senate, the soldiers start chanting “exulte”; if they’re using the verb exsulto, did they (the writers) think that was the imperative? Because I’m not seeing an “ex+ulciscor”.

    - Antony in trouble.

    - Brutus and Cassius still trying to survive.

    - Servilia tortured.

    - Timon tired of Atia thinking she can tell him to do whatever she wants.

    - Vorenus and Pullo back together.

    - Cicero: “Gods, I’m so tired of young men and their ambitions.”

    - Depiction of a slave camp; brutal conditions.

    - Victorious moment for Vorenus and Pullo.
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    “Heroes of the Republic” (S2E05)

    Vorenus returns to the Collegium. Octavian urges Cicero to embrace his request to be made Consul; in exchange, Octavian promises not to make a move without consulting Cicero. Two adversaries patch up their differences.

    - Nice beard, Antony.

    - Vorenus’s daughters planning to run away, again.

    - Cicero’s slave Tiro makes an appearance.

    - Really awkward between Vorenus and his kids.

    - Octavia to Octavian: “What a stupid ass you’ve become!”

    - Atia apologizing to Octavian.

    - Lepidus appears.

    - Octavian’s soldiers showing up in the Senate right before a vote.

    - Musical orgy scene.

    - Lol Agrippa: “Early stages... early stages of an orgy.”

    - Brutus and Cassius think they have a glimmer of hope.

    - Tough situation for Vorenus’s eldest daughter.

    - And the Second Triumvirate is formed.

    - What meaning did this gesture have then? I thought she was rocking out behind her back.
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    “Philippi” (S2E06)

    Brutus and Cassius see their military advantage vanish in the wake of Octavian's alliance with Mark Antony. Vorenus receives orders to execute scores of Rome's elite. Two armies clash, with the future of Rome at stake.

    - The proscriptions begin.

    - Pullo sent to kill Cicero.

    - Cicero should’ve been older, but still a good end scene for him.

    - Cicero’s hands nailed to the Senate door (they were actually nailed to the Rostra, along with his head).

    - Pullo: “Violence is the only trade I know.”

    - They’re actually going to show a battle? Finally!

    - Cassius did indeed die on his birthday.

    - Antony is definitely more confident in battle than Octavian.

    - Brutus died on October 23, not the same day as Cassius.

    - But I do like how Brutus’s death was very similar to Caesar’s. Nice touch.

    - Your father’s ring stolen by a common soldier. There ends Brutus.
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    “Death Mask” (S2E07)

    Servilia's cries for justice drive Atia to distraction, and result in an unfortunate public denouement. Meanwhile, Octavian, Mark Antony and Lepidus agree to divvy up Rome's territories, sharing a common treasury.

    - Now Servilia really has nothing left.

    - Servilia: “Atia of the Julia, I call for justice.” x1000

    - The triumvirate dividing up territory, though tension seems just below the surface.

    - A little too many pointless, uninteresting scenes. S2 starting to plod.

    - Though that scene with Pullo and the slave was... unexpected.

    - Servilia did the same gesture with her hand that Vorenus’s daughter did in episode 5. I guess it’s used when cursing someone.

    - Double suicide (Servilia and her slave).

    - Antony: “Now that is an exit.”

    - Apparently Servilia actually died a natural death.

    - Herod comes to Rome.

    - Clever move by Octavian (arranging the marriage between his sister and Antony).

    - I’m not sure why this Timon subplot was even filmed.

    - Atia remembering Servilia’s curse.

    - Ancient abortion method: silphium and hellebore.

    - That last shot was very strange.
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    “A Necessary Fiction” (S2E08)

    Octavian proclaims a new era of virtue in Rome, issuing a stern mandate that proves impossible for his family and subordinates to obey. A shipment of gold is hijacked, sending Vorenus on a mission to learn who betrayed whom.

    - Huh. Surprisingly the first mention of Romulus and Remus in the show.

    - Livia Drusilla appears.

    - Octavian’s friend and Caesar’s former slave stealing money behind the triumvirs’ backs.

    - Oh, Gaia used the silphium/hellebore on Eirene. RIP.

    - Lol Lepidus ranting about Gauls as everyone leaves the room.

    - Octavian a bit of a sadist.

    - Being unfaithful in marriage is the last straw for Octavian.

    - Octavia to Livia: “You’re marrying a monster.”

    - Octavian always considering the implications of his actions, how they will appear to the public.

    - Pullo is now in the position that Vorenus was at the beginning of the season.

    - Agrippa highly values Octavian’s friendship.

    - Nice shot of an eagle eating a mouse.

    - Pullo bit out a man’s tongue. That happened.

    - Antony arrives in Alexandria.
  15. AoM Rosa Caerula

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    “No God Can Stop a Hungry Man” (S2E09)

    Rome is facing a dire shortage of grain, forcing Octavian to barter with Mark Antony. But instead of agreeing to Octavian's price--money and territory--Mark Antony turns him down, pointing to an inevitable conflict.

    - Antony’s gone full Egyptian.

    - Antony on Octavian: “He loves nobody, and nobody loves him.”

    - Pullo (unknowingly) sleeping with the woman who killed his wife.

    - Octavian: “I cannot remember the last time I made a joke.”

    - Octavian and Livia: sadomasochism, indeed.

    - Good scene between Vorenus and Caesarion.

    - Cleopatra suggesting killing Atia and Octavia; Antony outraged.

    - A nice shot of the city:

    - Atia to Octavian: “Crush Antony and his queen.”

    - Octavian now has the advantage over Antony when it comes to the Senate and people.

    - Gaia tells Pullo she killed Eirene. And he finishes her off himself.
  16. AoM Rosa Caerula

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    “About Your Father” (S2E10)

    (Series Finale) In the aftermath of the battle of Actium, Mark Antony returns to Alexandria, settling into numbing debauchery with Cleopatra. Meanwhile, Octavian turns to Pullo to convince Vorenus to give up Cleopatra's palace.

    - So instead of showing the Battle of Actium, they just skip to the aftermath. *sigh*

    - It’s the last episode: gotta have some sex.

    - Antony challenging Octavian to single combat. Desperate, indeed.

    - Antony is fully deluded.

    - Good scene between Antony and Cleopatra.

    - Antony to Vorenus: “Just tell the people I died well, hmm? I died Roman.”

    - A plodding finale. Ah well.

    - Vorenus and Pullo reunion.

    - Octavian: “Not king; merely first citizen.”

    - Octavia to Octavian: “No end to your cleverness.”

    - According to Pullo, a human tongue tastes like chicken.

    - Caesarion lies to guards that his name is Aeneas (which Pompey also adopted when he was on the run).

    - That random one month time skip.

    - RIP Vorenus.

    - Great moment for Atia (though she should have been dead for 10+ years by now).

    - Octavian during his triumph (no red face, though the correct four-horse chariot this time):

    - A somewhat happy ending for Pullo and his possible son.


    And that's Rome. The exorbitant budget was its demise, though I'm curious where they would have gone had they been given more seasons. Overall, S1 was stronger than S2 for me, but there were great moments throughout. As long as one can deal with the violence and sex, it's a great introduction to Roman history and culture.
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    in orbe lacteo
  18. AoM Rosa Caerula

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    lol ::):

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