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By mariusjuliuscaesar, in 'Latin Beginners', Feb 3, 2015.

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  1. mariusjuliuscaesar New Member

    i need help translating this story for latin homework that starts for the class tomorw, id like a english and latin form so i can answer the questions.
    In illo carmine notissimo, Aeneis nomine, fabula de origine urbis Romae coepit. ubi Troia ardebat, aliqui Troianorum effugere poterant. Unus ex eis erat Aeneas, princeps Troianus et filius Veneris. Aeneas cum filio patreque ab urbe Troia effugit, sed uxorem Creusam reliquit. Umbra Creusae Aeneam visitavit dixitque fatum eius esse novam urbem condere, novam gentem.

    Tandem Aeneas ad Italiam advenit. Filius Ascanius urbem Albam Longam aedificavit, et sic erat progenitor geminorum nomine Romulus et Remus.

    Olim rex malus in Alba Longa habitabat. Frater suus, rex legitimus, depositus erat ab eo. Filios fratris rex interfecit et filia, nomine Rhea Sylvia, dedicata est deae Vestae, quod mulieres Vestae dedicatae virgines esse debere et non liberi pariebant. Sed Rhea Sylvia amata est a Marte, deo belli, et filios geminos peperit. Nomina Romulus et Remus ei data sunt. Ubi patruus pueros invenit, in corbe positi et ad flumen Tiberim lati sunt. Tamen infantes non mortui sunt. Lupa eos servavit et nutrivit. Tum pastor, qui benignus et senex erat, pueros invenit.

    Gemini avum suum vindicaverunt et novam urbem condere constituerunt.

    Moenia urbis aedificata erant, sed solus unus ex eis esse rex potuit.

    Signa deorum exspectavit. In primis sex aves a Remo spectati sunt, sed tum a Romulo duodecim. Sic Romulus factus est rex novae urbis.

    Sed Remus fratrem urbemque valde contempsit et cum fratre pugnavit. Moenia trasilire temptavit sed iterum, Romulus erat victor. Uno icto Remus interfectus est a Romulo, qui urbem defendebat. Leges iuraque et nomen Roma urbi data sunt, et fama sua hodie vivit.
    thanks for the help
  2. Ignis Umbra Ignis Aeternus

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    Where is your own attempt at an English translation? Our homework policy clearly states that you must provide one.
  3. Pacifica grammaticissima

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    The Latin has mistakes. Where does it come from, have you written it yourself (and why are some words bolded, btw)?
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  4. mariusjuliuscaesar New Member

    its from my teacher he posted as a word document the bold might be a mistake i left my computer alone.

    In that song, well known even to the name of the Aeneid, the story of the foundation of the city of Rome began. where Troy was burning, some of the Trojans were able to escape. One of them was Aeneas, the Trojan prince and the son of Venus. Kateri Aeneas son escaped from the city of Troy, but he left his wife Creusa. Creusa Aeneas visited said his fate was to found a new city, a new nation.

    Finally Aeneas came to Italy. Ascanius, the Son of the city of Alba Longa was built, and in this way was the progenitor and the name of the twins Romulus and Remus.

    In former times the king was evil in the Alba Longa was living. His brother, legitimate king, he was deposed from me. As for the sons of his brother to death, and the daughter of the king, the name of Rhea Sylvia, was dedicated to the goddess Vesta, and that women should be virgins of Vesta, a dedicated wages, and I will not be free. But Rhea Sylvia was loved by the Mars, the god of war, and the children she gave birth to twin sons. The names of Romulus and Remus were given to her. Where's uncle found the boys, and placed in the basket on the River Tiber are broad. However, young children are not dead. Lupa them preserved and nourished. Then the pastor, who is kind and the old man he was, he found the boys.

    Twins claimed that his grandfather, and to establish a new city.

    The city walls were built, but the only one of them has been able to be the king.

    He looked for signs of the gods. In the first six games were the birds from Remus, Romulus, but also from the twelve. Thus, he became the king of the new city, Romulus.
    this was my translation i worked for two hours on it and wanted to check it and on a previous one i found on here it was right

    it was one about the trojan war someone posted and answered and it was right so i thought that this would be the best place to get help checking my translations i can translate sentences and words but once it gets here i have issues i translated the second one on the sabine women if there isnt a topic or thread on it
  5. Pacifica grammaticissima

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    Then your teacher made a few mistakes:
  6. mariusjuliuscaesar New Member

    but does my translation look good for the most part
  7. Aurifex Aedilis

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    It's a machine translation.
    You haven't translated it.
    No, and don't take us for fools.
  8. Cinefactus Censor

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    litore aureo
    Aurifex is correct, it is pasted from Google Translate. You may wish to look at this thread.
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