Rufe, vides illum subsellia prima terentem,

By Joe S., in 'Latin to English Translation', May 19, 2017.

  1. Joe S. New Member

    Hey guys. Hoping to translate this poem by Martial. I think says something about boots??? Thank you so much for the help!


    Rufe, vides illum subsellia prima terentem,
    Cuius et hinc lucet sardonychata manus
    Quaeque Tyron totiens epotavere lacernae
    Et toga non tactas vincere iussa nives,
    Cuius olet toto pinguis coma Marcellano
    Et splendent volso bracchia trita pilo,
    Non hesterna sedet lunata lingula planta,
    Coccina non laesum pingit aluta pedem,
    Et numerosa linunt stellantem splenia frontem.
    Ignoras quid sit? splenia tolle, leges.
    M. Valerii Martialis Epigrammaton libri / recognovit W. Heraeus. Martial. Wilhelm Heraeus. Jacobus Borovskij. Leipzig. 1925/1976.
  2. Aurifex Aedilis

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  3. Joe S. New Member

    Thank you SO much! Now if I could only understand the lesson to be learned in this particular epigram? Any ideas?
  4. Aurifex Aedilis

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    There's a note at the bottom of p. 127 that might help. The character depicted is a former slave, and the point is that his attempts at refinement can't conceal his ignominious history.

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