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    Hey folks I'm looking to get the phrase "rule yourself" as a tattoo. Regarding gender, I mean for it to apply to any and all people, so gender neutral would be the way to translate it I suppose. The phrase is a reminder to me to be self-reliant, independant, and governing myself. I think of men such as Jack London or Ralph Waldo Emerson when I think about this phrase, men who I look to as role models. I took several years of latin when I was younger but I've forgotten most of it unfortunately.
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  2. Pacifica grammaticissima

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    Ipse tibi moderare is a way to put it.

    There's also a Latin idiom sui iuris meaning very literally "of one's own right/law" but translating to "one's own master", "independent". That might work here as tui iuris esto,"be your own master/independent".
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    There should be a way to work potens sui into something.
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    There is also tempero: to rule, regulate, govern, manage, arrange, order

    Tempera te ipsum.

    = Rule yourself.

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