1. Have a hard time finding a suitable definition for "modo" in the following passage from LLPSI (p. 234):

    Mercātor: "Quid ergō faciam? Ipse dē nāve saliam, an in eādem nāve maneam vōbīscum?" Vir ita perturbātus est ut sē interroget, utrum in mare saliat an in nāve remaneat.
    "Salī modo!" inquit gubernātor, "Nēmō nostrum tē prohibēbit. At certē nōn tam fēlīx eris quam Arīōn, quī delphīnō servātus est."
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    Literally, it's "Just jump!", but here I would feel inclined to translate it as "Well, jump!"
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    Forcellini http://lexica.linguax.com/forc2.php?searchedLG=modo
    MODO A ¶ 3. Item modo cohortandi vim habet, et saepissime jungitur Imperativo, quo aut rem respicientes admonemus, ne quid aliud agatur, neu quid magis curetur, aut ob temporis moram aliquem cohortamur, ne cesset, neu remoretur: hinc Forcellinus in his et τοῦ interim vim esse ait.

    I think Прыгай давай! must be close.
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  4. I hope a day will come when I am able to read that dictionary.
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    It will, don’t worry. It is freely available and searchable, so the two real obstacles have gone.
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