1. So anerly is the speks.
    Some Scots vocabulary: arsoun (saddle-bow), bassynet (helmet), eschell (battalion), hawbrek (coat of mail), qwyrbolle (hardened leather), troppell (troop), vaward (vanguard) and vyre (crossbow bolt).

    *Of course, not retained from the Anglo-Saxon.
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    For the benefit of those unable to access Wikipedia.

  3. You think I speak Early Scots?

    I don't think anyone was actually using this thread to try to learn Scots Gaelic, although we found some pretty good material.
    I will probably post the remainder of these things into the Anglics thread.

    On the subject of early, here's a page on a poem attributed to the earliest (known) Irish writer.
  4. Terry S. flamen

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    I'll give you three more Scots words: stoor, oos(e), foosty.
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  5. Well, since we've gotten back to Modern Scots:

    Maybe I'll post another later.
  6. I have decided to learn Scottish Gaelic.

    Btw, what's your take on Scots? Do you hear it a lot?
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  7. I'm trying to form sentences with "tha", but this V-S-O word order is playing with my mind...
  8. Tha gu math, agus tha a' do ann. Tha a ’Ghàidhlig doirbh!
  9. Scottish Gaelic learning material is so little, especially compared to Irish Gaelic, but I've been learning it anyways.
  10. Mairead Nan Cuiread / The Bob Parsons Strathspey

    Not only is this Gaelic, it's just beautiful. Or, since it's Gaelic, maybe it's just beautiful by default.
  11. J.M Active Member

    Here are some Scottish expressions of my knowledge:
    Fit like? - How are you?
    Where ya heading? - In other words where are you going?
    Nay Bad - Not bad (something Scots use a lot when they don't like something)
    Instead of saying yes they say 'Aye'
    Instead of using hi that use 'Hiya'(which I think is also used in American right?

    Scottish - English

    Academy - High school
    Asher - meat plate
    Auld Lang syne - days of long ago
    Bairn - child
    Bap - bread roll
    Bawbee - half penny
    Ben - Mountain
    Biggin - Building
    Brae - hill
    Brae - beautiful
    Clachan - Village
    Clarity - dirty
    Couthy - cosy
    Douce - sweet/gentle

    These are quite old and many may not understand them,
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    Cygnea, Gena

    Who would have guessed that ...
  13. J.M Active Member

  14. Is e turas cruaidh a tha air a bhith ann.
  15. J.M Active Member

    Latha math,
    It certainly has...
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  16. Terry S. flamen

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    Cá háit?
  17. Learning Gaelic has been.
  18. Terry S. flamen

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    Tuigim anois.
  19. Coinneoidh mé ag troid!
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