1. braw New Member

    Hi guys,

    Would really appreciate some help with translating the above. Example in context:

    "Mud from the Sea of Life" (it's actually from the dead sea but sea of life sounds much less depressing :) ).

    Could you help me translate "Sea of salt/salty sea" as well? In Hebrew it's literally Sea of Salt (Yam hamelach). Would it be the same in Latin?

    Thankful for all the help I can get.

  2. Summus Mus Member

    mare vitae, Sea of Life
    mare vivum, Living Sea
    mare vitale, Sea of Life/Vital Sea

    mare salis, Sea of Salt
    mare salsum, Salty Sea

    mare mortuum, Dead Sea***
    mare exanime, Lifeless Sea***

    ***The Dead Sea being a geographical location may very well have had a different name to the Romans. Anyone?
  3. scrabulista Consul

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    Mare Salsissimum is the most common in the Bible.
    Genesis 14:3 has nothing more than Mare Salis
    Joshua 3:16 has in mare Solitudinis quod nunc vocatur Mortuum = "into the sea of the Wilderness which is now called the Sea (of the Dead)"
    Joshua 12:3 has et usque ad mare Deserti quod est mare Salsissimum, which I would translate as "and unto the sea of the Desert which is the Saltiest (Dead) Sea," although KJV has "unto the sea of the plain, [even] the salt sea"

    I checked some old (1800's) maps of Palaestina, and some of them have Lacus Asphaltites.

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