Self improvement, understanding, honesty

By Dichands, in 'English to Latin Translation', May 15, 2018.

  1. Dichands New Member

    I would really appreciate some help in creating a person motto in Latin. I would like a translation for the terms: self improvement, understanding, and honesty.

    I realise the first two are pretty ambiguous so I'll clarify what I mean:

    By self improvement I am hoping the capture the idea of bettering oneself. Not necessarily to gain something or atone for any past mistakes, just the pursuit itself.

    With the term understanding I'm hoping to convey self reflection and seeing other people's perspectives.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. AoM nulli numeri

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    For the latter two: misericordia, probitas/veritas. Though the former really doesn't get the self-reflection aspect you want to convey; it's more "pity", "compassion".

    For the first, I'm not sure. Something like sui auctus seems a little clunky.

    Wait around to see what others are thinking.

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