semen retentum venenum est

By Anonymous, in 'Latin to English Translation', Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Anonymous Guest

    dear all,

    semen retentum venenum est

    came across above as a chapter title recently - I can guess roughly what it means but I'm looking for a translation - not necessarily literal (particularly if that's too vulgar), but any background on its origins as a phrase, first usage, etc.

  2. QMF Civis Illustris

    Virginia, US
    Lit. "The seed, having been tried again, is poison".
    What exactly that is supposed to mean I don't know.
    It might actually be "The seed, having been slackened, is poison".
    Interestingly ambiguous word.
  3. Cato Consularis

    Chicago, IL
    Retentum here is, I think, "held back". semen refers to the male seed, and the quote is sometimes used to justify masturbation (sorry, but it's true).
  4. Iynx Consularis

    Old Bob Burton has much to say on this and kindred subjects, and some of it in Latin; see especially Part I. Section 2, Member 2, Subsection 4.
  5. Anonymous Guest

    dear quemquem, Cato, and Iynx,

    thanks all for your replies - much appreciated.

  6. OHMkub New Member

    Bangkok, Thailand
    "To retain one's semen is poisonous"
  7. Cinefactus Censor

    litore aureo
    A 6 year old thread?
    That is a very loose translation.

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