Tattoo Serva Fidem/Fidem Serva

By jiirtih, in 'English to Latin Translation', Jul 21, 2010.

  1. jiirtih New Member


    The phrase 'Keep The Faith' is really important to me. I have been researching and have arrived at the following translation into latin.

    'Serva Fidem'

    Is that correct?

    I also wanted to check that 'Fidem Serva' would have the same meaning, as I prefer the phrase this way. I have been led to believe that word order is not essential in latin as more emphasis is placed on word endings than order, is that correct?

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. Nikolaos schmikolaos

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    2 Timothy 4:7 has fidem servavi for "I have kept the faith", so "serva fidem" would work fine.

    You are quite correct - the word endings matter a whole lot more than the word order, so it can be "fidem serva" if you like.
  3. jiirtih New Member

    Thanks so much for a quick response!

    God bless.

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